Memories of Family and School Sports

My mom has a trait that I have really come to love about her. She sees the potential and good in everyone. For example, when I lose it and rant about a certain politician who will remain unnamed, she gently shakes her head and makes a thoughtful comment like: he must have had awful things happen to him to make him act this way or I hope his little family will be okay.
She practices generosity in the way she thinks and speaks about people. With all she has experienced, no one would blame her if she became cynical and bitter, but she has never surrendered to that. Her gentle kindness is her superpower! You are so lucky she is your mom because there have been many recent times when you have had to channel all of the patience you can muster.

Finding a way to make sure that you channel your own patience to help your daughters be successful is not always easy. The latest challenge has been in keeping your 11 year old daughter reading and writing. She used to absolutely love to read and write ad she would write stories at home all the time and loved to go to the library and get books. Now she says she hates doing both. She told she is just burnt out on both of them. You are desperate to search for ways that you can do to help her find her love for reading and writing again.

Finding a way to keep children engaged in reading and writing is not always easy. During the time of the pandemic, however, when a number of students are not even in traditional classroom. The remote learning that is going on requires a careful combination of efforts from teachers, parents, and many other interested parties. Making this school year count is not going to be easy, but it is important to know that there are many kinds of resources that are available. Connecting with those sources of help may require some extra leg work, but keeping a child interested in education remains one of the most important goals many families will face.

Aside from her success in the classroom, however, you know that she also wants to be a success at her chosen sport. She loves softball and always has. With the gift of rolled bats for sale that you have recently found you are hoping that you can her build her confidence on the field and that maybe that confidence will help with her motivation in the classroom as well. Reading and writing have been loves of hers from the past, but it is important to know that she will feel good about herself no matter what happens.

As the winter months approach and athletes, students, and teachers alike look for ways to stay motivated and successful, it is important to know that you will often have to make changes. For instance, the rolled bats for sale that may have helped your daughters swing in the summer are not effective in colder temperatures. Shaved bats and rolled baseball bats, for example, do not do well in cold temperatures. In fact, it is recommended that you not use a shaved bat if it is colder than 65 degrees outside. That should not mean that athletes give up on their sport in the winter. With the use of indoor batting cages many hitters can still be successful in making progress. Likewise, in the classroom and at home there are ways to make sure even students who lose their motivation to read and write can be successful. On the ball diamond it may take one of the new rolled bats for sale to inspire, but when it comes to reading the answer may be as simple as introducing a family reading time before bed or the introduction of a new author.

When it comes to children and young athletes, however, the overall key might simply be patience. The kind of persistent patience that allows parents to help their children regain their confidence with rolled bats for sale at the local sporting goods store. Or, in the case of reading, some kindness and patience as a child is allowed to read and write about any interest that they have.

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