How Are You Staying Active During These Unusual Times?

Let them play ball!

A call heard across the country is for Americans to start getting back to normal. After a spring of cancellation after cancellation, it is important to start finding a way to start returning to some kind of normalcy. Fortunately, as an outdoor activity that involves less contact than many other kinds of sports, baseball is at the top of the list of activities that might resume sooner rather than later. And as orders for shaved bats for baseball or rolled bats for softball pick up in pace, there are many athletes, coaches, and parents who are trying to make the most of the practices that are now allowed. And even though there will be few spectators in the stands, it is important to note that any kind fo activities resuming will help the collective mental health of the nation.

Fitness Is Even More Important During Stressful Times

One of the most common beliefs about working in fitness is that it is easy to exercise. the misconception is that fitness instructors love every minute of their jobs. The general public things that fitness instructors and athletic coaches never have to decide if they will workout or practice, just when. People might think that fitness instructors never get sore, and the because it is their job, they “have” to be motivated. The reality, of course, is that depending on the day, none of this may be true.
What is true is that it is everyone’s job to be healthy. Without exercise, not only does your body decay physically, your brains atrophy. Exercise is one of the best medicines for a strong mind. When you think you are too busy to exercise, you are by default thinking that it does not really matter compared to what is keeping you so tied up. Exercise is not just for the fit. It is not just for those people who have the time. It is vital to your survival, and your thrival, a phrase for your thriving survival.

Curiously, because so many people have been finding ways to exercise without a gym or equipment, there has been a rise in ways to make exercise as accessible as possible. Sometimes referred to as movement snacks, the frequent short bouts of moving actually make a difference in your fitness, focus, and your ability to workout in a standard fashion in other times. However you like to add exercise into your day, be sure you are doing it! Make no excuse for missing days or weeks of moving. In the end, it will all be worth it.

Whether your exercise routine is working out in your basement, running around a neighborhood lake, or some focused practice with shaved bats, the key is to keep moving. And while organized practices for sports may be different this year, it is important to note that with the use of specific techniques and equipment like rolled and shaved bats can help athletes and coaches make the best use of the time that they do have.

And while every sport will be a little different, baseball’s use of rolled and shaved bats and softball’s use of specific shaved fastpitch softball bats are some specific examples of how coaches and athletes alike can help players prepare for the times when they can take the field. Did you know, for instance, that shaved bats do not do well in cold temperatures? This is important to note then that you do not use a shaved bat if it is colder than 65 degrees outside.
Finding a way to stay active in these most challenging of times will be important to note that both athletes and non athletes will need to find a way to make sure that they remain as healthy as possible. Stress can have very negative effects on the body, but finding a way to remain physically active can have many kinds of healing benefits. Competitive sports as we know it may not return very soon, but there are still many ways that most people can find a way to remain active. Adaptations will be needed, but staying active is always essential.

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