Basic Questions Any Avid Golfer Would Have Concerning Indoor Golf Simulator Space Availability

The dream for many golfers is to enjoy a perfect round of golf. Thanks to improved sports technology, now both beginners and professional golfers can play in the comfort of their own home on an indoor golf simulator, without the need of looking for golf course covers or worrying about a bad weather day.

What you need to keep in mind first is that when it comes to setting up a home golf simulator, there are countless combinations of components you can assemble to build an indoor golf simulator. It’s literally a thick forest out there when choosing the best components, which is we are going to look at some of the important considerations to make through the buying process, and get to understand some of the common concerns golfers have with space availability.

The cost of building home golf simulators could range from anywhere between $500 to $70,000, depending on the quality, functionality, and the desired user experience. The various price level dictates what the machine can and cannot achieve concerning golfing. A complete home golf simulator comprises of five components, namely:

  • Computer
  • Simulator
  • Mats
  • Projectors
  • Nets

Common Questions Golfers Have Regarding Space Availability
In addition to choosing the best components for home golf simulators, another important consideration is the amount of space you available in your home. Building a golf simulator you’ll need ample space to allow you to swing freely, so if the bigger the space the better.

What’s the ideal space required to play indoor golf?
This is perhaps the most frequently asked questions golfers have when thinking of buying indoor golf simulators. The recommended measurement is 9 feet high by 12 feet wide by 12 feet long, however, this will also vary depending on the type of simulator go with as well as the player’s height. While the width may be sufficient, the biggest limitation is usually the ceiling height. To ensure the space is enough, take a few swings and observe the extent it goes if it’s close to hitting the ceiling.

Should you design a permanent space or a flexible space to play?
As a golfer, you have two options when setting up your system. You either choose between a permanent fixture, which is simply a dedicated indoor golf simulator room, and a portable set-up that can be easily installed in any part of the room provided there is space. If you’ll be going for a permanent golf mat, that indirectly makes the room more of a permanent golfing space. However, more and more golfers are going for the portable versions of simulator due to the versatility and lower costs compared to permanent indoor golf simulators.

How long does it take to install and disassembled the system?
The type of package you choose will affect the installation time particular for the initial setup. However, simple net packages shouldn’t take more than 15 minutes to complete the initial set up and can be done in much less time thereafter. Packages that include a simulator screen and projector can take about an hour to complete due to extra components that require extra work.

What sort of golf courses can you play on, and is it possible to create your own?
Depending on the golf simulator software you choose, most come already preloaded with a list of golf courses and allows you to purchase more new courses at a fee. Some software such as the TGC (The Golf Club) offers the widest selection of both premium and user-designed courses that allow golfers to create their own courses by blending holes in different courses around the world or creating from scratch.

There are quite a number of factors to consider but the mentioned ones should help you understand your options for an indoor golf simulator. Consult with an expert who can help you choose the right product and even offer installation services.

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