What Your Local Country Club Has to Offer From Sunday Brunch to Rounds of Golf

Many people look forward to sharing time with family and friends. Whether it’s enjoying a meal, taking a walk, or playing a round of golf, this time together can often be the highlight of the week. When it comes time for celebratory events, such as anniversaries, birthdays, engagement parties, and weddings, being with family and friends is all the more meaningful.

Celebrate With Brunch

Once the traditional English Brunch was introduced in the United States, it took 30 years to become popular. Since then, Sunday brunch has become an excellent way to celebrate special occasions in this country. It is also a wonderful way to spend quality time relaxing over a meal with family and friends.

Brunch menus have expanded over the years to include a variety of ethnically-inspired cuisines. According to a recent survey on both breakfast and brunch menus, 67% of the participants indicated that these expanded menu choices were trending. This includes Asian-flavored syrups, coconut milk pancakes, and Chorizo scrambled eggs.

The Best Places to Have a Wedding

When exploring the best places to have a wedding, many couples are choosing to hold their’s outdoors. Hudson Valley Weddings’ statistics, for example, revealed that 35% of weddings are now held outside. This isn’t surprising when both the weather and surroundings are gorgeous. It’s also popular to hold wedding receptions and after parties at the same venue.

Visit Your Local Country Club

Whether you’re planning a relaxing Sunday brunch or a special occasion, your local country club has much to offer. If you already know how to golf, just imagine how invigorating it will be to play a few rounds after brunch. You can also learn how to play golf if you haven’t taken up this popular game yet. Other activities that you may enjoy include taking walks through the grounds. You may also want to sit in the patio where you and your guests will have a spectacular view of the gardens and golf course. Once you’ve experienced all that your local country club has to offer, there’s an excellent chance you’ll choose to spend even more time there on a regular basis.

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