8 Surprising Benefits of Country Club Weddings

Planning a wedding can be a hectic time. With so many things to research, book, and buy, it’s no wonder that many brides choose to start months in advance! One of the most important things to book early is the venue. There are thousands of banquet halls scattered around the U.S.; however, if you’re looking to find unique wedding places, you may want to consider a country club.

The Benefits of Country Club Weddings

Country club weddings are often overlooked when it comes to finding the perfect wedding venue. However, you may be pleasantly surprised by all the benefits they have to offer.

  • The Scenic Spaces. Many country club golf courses offer amazing scenery and breathtaking views. The pristine manicured lawns and gardens offer the perfect backdrop for unforgettable wedding photos. While many of us think of flat green plains, country clubs offer so much more than that. Depending on your location you can expect an abundance of flowers, trees, and even ponds. These venues have everything you need to stun your guests with their incredible vistas.
  • Elegance. Country clubs are constructed to be private upscale venues. This means they have many luxury fixtures that standard banquet halls or hotels can’t have. They offer exclusivity, in addition to privacy, surrounded by impeccably constructed furnishings. You can truly live your royal wedding dreams in many of these luxurious clubs.
  • Delicious Catering. Many country clubs host restaurants onsite. This means everything will be prepared fresh without having to be transported from far away. There is no need to rewarm food, as everything comes from the kitchen to the table. Additionally, you can expect a high end culinary experience, and not standard fare.
  • Space to Move. Country club weddings are also not wanting for space. Along with a spacious ballroom you can also expect outdoor terraces at many locations. Weather permitting, your guests can feel free to move around and stretch their legs, without feeling confined to one space. Furthermore, most clubs host a singular ballroom, meaning you won’t have to worry about multiple parties going on alongside your wedding.
  • Wedding Photos I touched upon this under scenic spaces, but it truly deserves it’s own category. Wedding photos are more important than we may think. They’re a way of recording our memories of that day for generations to come. Having photos taken with sprawling green hills in the background, or alongside immaculate flower gardens is a sure fire way to awe inspire everyone who sees them.
  • Packages. When planning a country club wedding many will have packages to choose from. These can include additional things like decorations or music, especially to suit a specific holiday. If you’re planning your wedding for the Christmas season, and want to tie it into your theme, it could be an option. Speaking to the country clubs near you can help determine which ones have specific packages that suit you best.
  • All In One. If you opt for the onsite catering, and decoration you can cut down dramatically on the individual services you have to hire. This can help take the stress out of planning, and give you more time to focus on the personal aspects of your wedding.
  • Parking. One of the more practical reasons is the ease of parking. Many country clubs will have valet services, in addition to enough space for all your guests. Not having to worry about this little detail can make the day easier on both you and everyone in attendance.

These are just a few of the potential benefits country club weddings can afford you. Country clubs are designed to be a peaceful escape from the everyday, and they are designed with luxury in mind. If you want a unique and breathtaking venue for your wedding, I would highly recommend looking into clubs near you. Between the stunning scenery, the luxurious accommodations, and the onsite catering, it can help consolidate your planning down to one location.

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