The Increasing Popularity Of Boating

You are on a boat in a quietly rippling body of water. Your fishing ride might feel a tug or two and maybe you might even catch a fish. If this image calls to you, then perhaps you should join the many young buyers of boats like in 2016 when 11.9 million boats were registered just in the United States alone. With a growing interest in the call of the sea, you too, could register a boat and enjoy a tranquil adventure on the waters.

The human race has always been drawn to the sea with fear or fascination, some more so than others. 141.6 million Americans got their feet wet in 2016. With that fascination and fear came various styles of boats like fishing boats or powerboats or pontoon boats, and many others to serve a need of your choice.

If fishing or a good leisurely watery stroll is more your speed, than a pontoon might fit the bill. Pontoons are designed to float with the use of airtight, hollow sections. If you take an empty plastic bottle and throw it into a body of water (would not recommend), you will see it float; it is the same principal. The effect causes buoyancy for the pontoon in water. Pontoons are also relatively cheap, even cheaper if you look for used premier pontoons for sale, and could be the perfect way to get your water-legs. Looking for used premier pontoons for sale also allows you to experience the world of boating without breaking the bank. Do not be afraid to shop around! Used premier pontoons for sale are a sliver of the $9.2 billion in sales that 981,000 pre-owned boats brought in, in the United States during 2016.

The sales of boats have been healthy. In fact, The National Marine Manufacturers Association, or alternatively named by its acronym NMMA, sales of brand new powerboats were projected to reach an increased 6 percent in 2017. This equates to about 260,000 powerboats sold to new, returning, or old lovers of the sea. The same association, the NMMA, is expecting to see another 5 to 6 percent boost in sales in the following year of 2018.

Regardless of what you do with your boat, if you are just looking to fish or listen to the waves, there are many avenues and opportunities to do so. The water will be there when you are ready.

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