Boating is Becoming One of Our Favorite Pasttimes for Many Reasons

Boating is loved by many, and who wouldn’t love it for so many reasons? Not only do you enjoy the recreational fun of taking a boat on the water so that you can enjoy a beautiful day with your family, but you might enjoy going diving and fishing with your loved ones as well. With so many people enjoying boating, you might wonder where you can find boats for sale for the right price, whether they are new or pre-owned boats. Monterey Boats is one of the leaders in suiting your needs and ensuring that you find the boat of your dreams.

Why Many Love Boats

In 2017, an estimated 51 million people went out fishing. Though many enjoyed this fun with the help of a friend with a boat, wouldn’t you enjoy boating and fishing on your own every now and then? New or used boats, any boat will be able to provide this recreational fun to you when you’re ready to relax after a long workweek. Fishing licenses were down in 2017 compared to 2016, which means that fewer people are bringing this excitement into their lives. It might be time for you to consider making your first boat purchase.

In 2016 across the entire United States, it was reported that there were 11.86 million boats registered for recreational use at any given time across every state. Many people continue to buy boats every year for all the above mentioned reasons because they know that it is the relaxation that they need in their lives. In 2016, an estimated $17.9 billion was put toward boats, engines, and other marine accessories.

In 2016, fishing was the second most popular outdoor activity in the entire U.S. Monterey Boats understands how important it is for your first boat to be the best boat you have ever purchased, which is why we offer used boats for sale so that you can choose from many listings to find the perfect one for your needs. Whether you plan on spending time with your family or enjoying time on your own, we understand how important this choice is to you.

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