Four Little Known Benefits of Camping

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Camping is a fun activity which holds many benefits, brings the family together, reduces technology and gives your body and brain a break from the hectic day to day living. Camping is increasing in popularity with total campers increasing by three million from 2010 to 2012. During these camping trips, 84% of patrons participated in a number of outdoor exhibitions and activities. There are many activities which pair well with camping including fishing, hiking and hunting, so it makes sense that consumers spend an estimated 1.8 billion dollars on sporting goods for camping each year.

Lower Stress Levels

Camping and being outdoors helps you cope better with stress and handle stressful situations better. Everyone is aware of the negative effects of stress on your life, but not everyone is aware of the stress benefits the simple act of camping provides. When stress levels are reduced the oxygen levels in your body rise and melatonin levels balance out. When planning your camping trip visit the sporting goods section of your store for gear and supplies. Fishing equipment, hunting gear and climbing gear are some things to consider. When visiting a sporting goods store, make sure to have a list of items needed, since you can easily get overwhelmed while shopping.

Mood Improvements

Camping can improve your mood immensely. Campers who return from a camping trip seen happier upon their return. Time in the sunlight coupled with enjoyable activities leads to this mood improvement. When your mood is better you are free to enjoy activities without stressing over little things.

Increased Exercise

Camping increases your exercise which in turn increases your energy levels. Enjoying outdoor activities involves walking to specific areas. No matter how brisk of a walk you partake in, you are still exercising. Ensure to get a variety of sporting goods equipment to ensure you have plenty of activities to enjoy while camping.

Healthy Foods

Depending on your skills, your food intake while on your camping trip will be healthy and beneficial. Those who enjoy fishing and eat the fish caught get protein-packed foods which are easily digested and fun to catch. There are a variety of vegetables that pair well with fish and are easy to cook over a fire. Fishing with a purpose can help you sit through the quite spells when no fish seem to be biting.

Invite your friends, gather the family and pack up your camping gear. Hit the sporting goods section of your favorite outdoor store and stock up. The camping is a relatively cheap outdoor activity which can bring the family together, make you love the outdoors again and benefit your body. Skip the hotel rooms and crowded beaches and make your next trip at a campsite.

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