Give a Cheer! 3 Reasons to Try Cheerleading This School Year

Youth cheerleading pom poms

Cheerleaders are often portrayed poorly in the films and television shows we see. But the reality is that cheerleaders are hard-working, passionate athletes, who often grow up to be well-adjusted, healthy, and happy. It’s more than clapping, shaking metallic cheer poms, and yelling (although those are certainly part of it, too): cheerleading teachers core values that can be vital to the positive emotional and physical development of kids and teens. Here are three reasons why you might want to give cheering a try:

  • Strong sense of community and leadership
    The most obvious benefit of becoming a cheerleader is that it gives you an automatic sense of community. Not only will you work as a cohesive team of cheerleaders, but you’ll also be strongly connected to the sports teams for which you cheer. You’ll be an integral part of your school because you foster morale and spirit. Cheerleading enforces the importance of teamwork, but it also builds strong leaders. It requires clear communication, consistency, and reliance on both yourself and your teammates. The strong bonds you’ll form will help you gain new skills, and learning to lead with a positive attitude will inform every other area in your life for years to come. Now that’s something to shake your cheerleader pom poms for!
  • Builds strength, endurance, and flexibility
    Don’t let anyone tell you that cheerleaders are not athletes! Many people think that young girls just stand around with youth pom poms and lead the crowd in chants. Nothing could be further from the truth. They’re required to be in peak physical shape, and oftentimes get a better workout than the sports teams for which they cheer. Modern cheerleading contains elements of gymnastics and dance, as well as incredible physical stunts. Cheerleading practices are held regularly and are often long, and cheerleaders are also active throughout entire sports games. Cheering provides excellent cardiovascular exercise and helps increase muscular flexibility, physical strength, and general stamina.
  • Promotes confidence and dedication
    Starting cheerleading at a young age is more than getting those cute youth pom poms and having fun with your friends. It involves those things too, of course, but even more important than that, you’ll gain self-esteem and learn the importance of a strong work ethic. Practices take up much of a cheerleader’s free time, so they have to be devoted to and passionate about their sport. And working as a team, making your body strong, and learning new techniques will help boost your self-esteem. Through the long hours you spend at practices and games, having the support of your team is priceless — and it will make you feel great about yourself and your team’s accomplishments.

Whether you’re thinking about getting your hands on some youth pom poms and plastic megaphones for the first time, or you’re a teen looking for a sports-based extracurricular activity, cheerleading might be right for you. Considering all its benefits, both physical and emotional, it’s no wonder that becoming a cheerleader is desirable to so many.

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