Futsal Equipment Encourages Soccer Play

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It is hard not to talk about futsal equipment without referencing soccer. A futsal game is similar to soccer with less players on the field at one time. Soccer and futsal rules of play differ slightly, but the skills transfer easily from one to the other. With thirteen million Americans playing soccer, futsal equipment is starting to get more attention.

For about sixty percent of kids, sports outside of school is common and nearly four million American children play soccer. For youth soccer camps, futsal equipment can make soccer play more accessible to players. Five on five small games at summer soccer camp can be set up so more children are playing games simultaneously.

The futsal soccer ball is smaller and has less bounce than
a traditional soccer ball. As a result, futsal equipment is often used for indoor games. Since the weather makes year round soccer play impossible in some areas, futsal can be a great alternative. Indoor play allows soccer players to continue working on skills on the off-season.

Futsal equipment is not as recognizable as soccer equipment. Since the first World Cup soccer game in 1930, soccer has grown in popularity all over the world. For the over three million soccer players in the United States, futsal can add some new interest to an already popular past time. Read more blogs like this: www.maisoccer.com

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