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Did you know the most popular first dance songs at weddings in the U.S. are the foxtrot and the waltz? Lets say you’ve chosen one of these songs and you can’t wait to have all eyes on you and your significant other, only to discover that no one could see the two of you properly because the lighting wasn’t up to par.

The average cost of rental equipment for a reception is around $1,385, but by simply installing wedding lighting rentals to create a desired effect, you can cut down on other unnecessary wedding decoration rentals.

Here are ten different types of lighting you can enjoy at your wedding:

  1. Uplighting: These lights project a broad wash of light to any room, adding color, warmth and depth. It is a great backdrop for the rest of your wedding supply rentals, such as chairs and tables.
  2. Texture: Add a light patterned that can be projected onto the floor to really wow your guests. Patterns can be matched to your theme or design choices. You have a lace dress? There’s a pattern for that.
  3. Pin-Spot: These are narrow beams of light used to focus solely on one object — such as your centerpieces, cake, or guestbook area. Using these lights can also make your bar area more appealing by creating a high-end, elegant, yet modern look.
  4. Cake Spotlight: You may be thinking this is the same as pin-spot lighting, but not quite. This lighting is specifically made for illuminating wedding cakes by using lights placed in different angles in order to get rid of any dark shadows that could make the texture appear distorted.
  5. Monogram: A type of pin-spot lighting, but instead your wedding designer will be able to come up with a unique design for you and your significant other, such as initials or a small special quote. This is then mounted into a light and projected onto a flat surface.
  6. Centerpiece: These lights are bettery-powered discs that are placed underneath table centerpieces, photos, or buffet tables to illuminate the objects and highlight what part of your wedding decorations are most important to you. They come in a variety of colors as well.
  7. Blisslight: This is as elegant and romantic as it gets in terms of lighting. When the sun goes down, turn these lights on and impress your guests. These lights create thousands of tiny pinpoints of light that are protected onto the ceiling or wedding tent rentals.
  8. Fairy Berries: The latest and greatest in wedding lighting rentals, these are a 3/4 inch, opaque white ball with a light and battery inside that slowly fades on and off at random. Generally, these are popular outdoor lighting rental options because they create the effect of lightning bugs.
  9. Pipe and Drape: These lights hold up fabric panels and are normally used to define and section off space in a room. They can also cover up unsightly room features and come in a variety of colors. Surveys show 89% of brides have a budget in mind for their wedding, and these are definitely budget friendly lights.
  10. Sparkle Trees: Standing at six feet tall, these trees have white LED lights that can either be set to a twinkle mode or regular, consistent lighting. These wedding lighting rentals are a great choice for winter-themed weddings.

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