How to Decorate Your Home Like It’s Your Favorite Fishing Cabin

Alaskan fishing trips

According to recent statistics from the U.S. Census Bureau, fishing is the second most popular outdoor activity in the United States, second only to wildlife watching. In fact, a full 31 million Americans head to their favorite local streams and nationally famous parks each year to try their luck at pulling up one of nature’s most beautiful aquatic creatures.

Unfortunately, as you likely know too well, you have to eventually leave your lodge rental and head home to take up the grind again. That said, what if you could bring that classic fishing cabin decor home with you? What if, by using some simple decorations like river fishing rods and wood furniture, you could emulate that Alaskan fishing lodge you love so much? With these three tips, you can do just that.

How to Bring Fishing Cabin Decor into Your Home for the Perfect Outdoorsman’s Motif

  • First Things First: Incorporate the Warm Tones of Wood
  • For the popular home improvement website Houzz, few things scream fishing cabin quite like wood walls, floors, and furniture accents. If installing hardwood floors and paneling seems like too big of a makeover for your new favorite room, you can skip those parts and just go for darker colors, accented nicely by hardwood furniture. You might be surprised just how much a little wood can make a difference.

  • Don’t Fill Your Space with Modern Gadgetry
  • If the key to bringing that authentic look of fishing cabin decor and design into your home is bringing old time wooden features into your home, then stuffing too much modern gadgetry into your space is certainly the opposite. As Country Living suggests, you should focus on hand-carved chairs, bookshelves, and old books to really capture that fishing cabin aesthetic. Anything that pops you out of feeling one with nature — e.g. television — really should be omitted.

  • Windows Matter More Than You Think
  • For Modern Mom, capturing that perfect cabin feel can be as simple as upgrading your window frames. Why? Think about it: how many times have you stared out the rustic, stained wood window frame in a cabin as it perfectly captures the image of a glistening lake nearby? While you might not be near the lake, you can still evoke some of that charm with the right window frames.

How do you embrace your favorite lodge and cabin decor in your home? Share your decorating tips with us in the comment section below. Learn more:

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