Why You Should Try Baseball Bat Shaving Services

With the sport becoming more and more competitive, many turn to baseball bat shaving services as a way to outperform opponents. The desire to gain an advantage over the competition is helpful in motivating baseball players to improve their skills. However, using shaved bats together with consistent training will result in more dramatic success.

The process of modifying baseball bats, called bat shaving, results in a thinner inner wall that increases the trampoline effect every time a ball hits it – this significantly increases the pop and distance of the bat. It’s important to note, however, that doctored bats can shorten the life of a bat because of the thinned out walls. But when you think of the advantages, they greatly outweigh this small drawback.

Read on to discover why you should definitely try baseball bat shaving services and be on your way to outperform and gain an advantage over your opponents.

Shaving Results in Great Performance

If you are playing in a home run derby or baseball league with no imposed rules against using rolled and shaved bats, then you can choose to shave your bat. You’ll be surprised how it results in showcasing your highest potential. It’s no doubt that you’ll have significant improvement and better performance than in your previous games.

Rolled bats can improve your bat distance by up to 30 feet, but shaved ones exceed it by around 20 feet more. As long as your local league permits using modified bats, shaving will be your best way to have a high performing bat that results in better play overall.

Bat Rolling Is Essential

Bat shaving will leave you with thinned out walls that improve flexing and bat distance. In most cases, however, shaving a bat is not enough as it will still leave you the tedious task of breaking in the numerous layers left. To speed up the process and eliminate the time needed for the break-in, it’s recommended to have your bat rolled as well.

Shaving Is Not Just for the Head

Softball and baseball bats can be shaved to increase their performance. While most baseball bat shaving services can shave BBCOR and USA baseball bats, you have to make sure that you have the right kind of bat for shaving.

Some bats, such as alloy, wood, or metal ones, are usually not compatible for use in a bat rolling machine. These types won’t gain much from rolling, so you’ll want to stick to composite bats made from graphite and carbon layers as they are better for rolling and shaving.

How To Ensure Maximum Results

To ensure maximum results from baseball bat shaving services and to verify that the break-in is successful, it’s absolutely imperative to do a compression test before and after the process.

The reading will show you how stiff or flexible the inner walls are before rolling and shaving, and it helps determine the right pressure to use for the rolling machine as well as the amount of material that can be removed during the shaving process. It will also confirm if the process had been successful or if additional shaving and rolling is necessary.

This extra step helps ensure that your bat performs at its greatest capacity without surpassing the certified performance levels.

Which Shaving Level To Choose

If you have a composite bat you want to shave, you can either have it done on a safe level – with a balance between durability and performance. When you go a little more aggressive on your shaving, you’ll see a better increase in performance but the bat will likely break in less than 500 hits. If you go even higher than that, you may see your bat cracking after just a few hundred hits.

Put Your Bat on a Roll

For the best softball bat shaving and rolling service, make sure to choose the experts who have perfected the system of doctoring bats. To guarantee that you get the best results, confirm if they will do compression tests before and after, if they will roll your bat a couple of times to ensure a successful break-in of every part of the barrel, and if they’re using the most advanced machines and equipment. Put your bat on a roll and shave and experience maximum hitting power and performance as soon as possible.

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