An Art Over 16,000 Years In The Making What Makes Spearfishing Such A Classic

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Humans love the water. It’s just part of who we are.

Our relationship with the world’s vast oceans and smallest creeks says a lot about who we are. Someone that loves to visit the public pool might be a social butterfly or just limited by circumstance and location. Another person who craves the sandy beach and open waves may have a free spirit or a special connection to the coast. What does it say about you when you want to get into fishing, angling and spearfishing hunting techniques? The world is your oyster and the first step on a long journey is best done with a little knowledge by your side.

Here’s what you should know about spearfishing hunting techniques, from spearfishing gear to beginner tips.

What Is Spearfishing?

There’s never really one kind of ‘fishing’, unless you count strapping a string to the end of a stick and hoping for the best. You have fly fishing, characterized by its technique, as well as spearfishing, an old art that’s been around for a long time. Put simply, spearfishing uses a combination of diving techniques and throwing spears to capture prey. The exact methods vary from culture to culture, but rest assured…spearfishing hunting techniques are a classic!

How Long Has Spearfishing Been Around?

As stated above, spearfishing is an old technique with a long and fascinating history. It’s actually the earliest recorded type of hunting, displayed in ancient cave art dating all the way back 16,000 years. Back in the day sharpened sticks were all that was needed to cut through water and snatch a catch. Today these tools have evolved into more comfortable spears that can be more readily adjusted for grip, length and long-term usage.

How Has Spearfishing Evolved?

Spearfishing history has grown in many ways over the centuries, leading us to sub-cultures today that pride themselves on combining the old with the new. The best diving craft was done by Auguste Picard, descending to the deepest known point in the ocean at 35,000 feet back in 1960. The very best free-diving spearfishers are able to hold their breath anywhere from two to four minutes at a time while diving beyond 100 feet!

What Equipment Do Spearfishers Use?

Today’s spearfishing looks a little different than what cavepeople were using to fill their bellies, but that doesn’t mean we can’t appreciate the classics. Because of the arduous nature of spearfishing hunting techniques it’s important you become familiar with basic equipment so you can stay safe and have fun. Your spearfishing pole is one of the most important tools in your arsenal, obviously, and should be paired alongside spearfishing fins and a snugly fitting freedive suit.

How Do I Get Into Spearfishing?

Spearfishing hunting techniques may be unique in their approach and long history, but they hold the same foundation you would find in any swimming or boating class…one step at a time! Stephane Mifsud is a French free diver who currently holds several records for breath holding. The longest time is 11 minutes and 35 seconds! While you may not harbor visions of grandeur concerning your new hobby-to-be, the sky’s the limit for whatever you choose to pursue. Spearfishing is an engaging, thrilling and intensive sport that can see you having fun and getting fit in one fell swoop.

Spearfishing only sounding more interesting now? Take to the water and stake your claim…literally!

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