9 Tips for Properly Maintaining Your Hot Tub

Hot tubs

If you own a hot tub of some kind, be it a nordic hot tub or some sort of high quality spa tub, you will know that hot tub maintenance is very important to keeping your hot tub or spa in top condition as well as maintaining high levels of hygiene. Hot tub maintenance is no small endeavor but it doesn’t have to be a huge deal if you keep up on it. Let’s take a look at a few day to day things you can do in order to keep your hub tub well taken care of and maintained.

  1. People don’t always rinse off or shower before getting into hot tubs and the same will go for yours, even if it’s a personal hot tub. Tennis balls can be used in the filter wells in order to attract any kind of body oils, make up and hair products or anything else that shouldn’t be in the water. It will help to keep your water a little cleaner. The chlorine will be able to eat up anything that’s left oer.

  2. The hot tub cover can sometimes start smelling like mildew. This is usually due to not being cleaned properly. You can avoid this by using a mixture of bleach and water to wipe down the inside of the cover. This should be done a couple of times a week. It’s not a big deal to do and you don’t have to scrub; just a quick wipe down is enough to cover the hot tub maintenance quota for this area.

  3. It’s easy to overfill a hot tub. This not only makes a mess but it can be damaging to the exterior and top of your tub. This can be avoided. When you fill your hot tub, utilize a timer in order to make sure that you do not over fill the tub. The first time you fill it, you should set a timer to see how long exactly it takes to fill to the appropriate areas and then from then on, when you drain and refill, you’ll know how long to let it run for.

  4. Run your hot tub during off peak hours. This might not seem like a hot tub maintenance tip but it will save you a lot of money. You can call your electricity and water company and find out when the best times would be for you to run the heat and the water for that long.

  5. You don’t need fancy cleaners in order to clean your tub. White vinegar works very well for cleaning around the jets and filters. This should be done every few months. You can time it so that when you refill your tub, while the water is drained you can spray on the vinegar, let it sit for 20 minutes and then wipe away residue and grime before setting your timer to refill the tub.

  6. If you need to heat the tub up quickly then a good tip is to turn off the air injection valves so that the air doesn’t counteract what you are trying to do. It makes it a little easier to heat up the water and once the temperature is where you want it, then you can turn on the air valves again.

  7. You should test the levels of your water every week. Test strips are very easy and quick to use.

  8. Drain and clean the hot tub every three or four months or even more. If you use your hot tub every day then you should probably drain and clean it more often than this. If you compare it to a bathtub that has the same water sitting in it all the time that the whole family uses over and over it might motivate you to clean it often. Of course, your hot tub will have chemicals in it that kill off most germs, but they don’t get everything.

  9. Once a week, the filters should be rinsed. Once a month, a filter cleaner or degreaser should be used to spray off or wipe down the filters. Once every three or four months, use the cleaner to soak the filters over night. This can be done at the same time as the drains and refills.

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