Endurance Sports Often Need Endurance Bikes

Riding a bike is a great way to get exercise while moving yourself to places that you need to go. However, depending on whether you want to simply take a bike ride or if you’re looking for something more intense, you’ll need a certain kind of bike. The best bike for cross country ride will be different from the best bike for riding around a city. So if you are unsure of what kind of bike you need, go talk to someone at a bicycle parts store. They will be able to direct you to the best bike for training or transportation. And if you’re looking to ride off road, look into the best mountain bike shops in your area. Mountain biking requires different kinds of gear and you can find everything you need in a mountain bike store. While it can be confusing to figure out what works best for what kind of bike, it is worth taking the time to do the research. Otherwise you might find yourself sitting on a mountain with the wrong bicycle parts and no way to get home

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Americans eventually catch on to things. We are an event culture, and where people go for big events, that’s where you’ll find us. Americans are also participatory. We like to get in there and get dirty, not just watch others do the work. This goes for our business but also our recreation. We go full throttle with anything we do, and that goes for our endurance sports as much as anything else. What started out as a select group of people who wanted to expand on the usual sports offerings, multisport events now boast over 500,000 participants every year.

Roughly 12% of our general population have participated in some for of endurance sport. An endurance sport is defined as a half-marathon, marathon, triathlon, and Ironman or an obstacle course of some kind. Of these endurance sports, the half-marathon is the most popular. Roughly 70% of endurance sports participants have run a half-marathon while 17% of them have done a triathlon.

Triathlons consist of swimming, biking and running and are gaining momentum in popularity. Equipment for triathlons, while not complicated, do take some picking out. Triathlon bikes, for example, have to be sturdy and durable. They should also be fitted to the rider. These adjustments are not terribly difficult to have done but make a great deal of difference when you’re on the long, open road. Triathlon bikes are designed to endure, just like the athletes, and finding one to suit can be the difference maker for a triathlete.

Biking has been a popular pastime for over a hundred years. These days, different types of bikes have been designed for different types of biking. Bike shops nationwide report that mountain bikes are the most popular bike model today, making up 24% of all bike sales. Like triathlon bikes, they are designed to be durable while giving the rider the ability to have some speed. Mountain bikes are used in the mountains, of course, but also in the urban landscape. Getting over obstacles and around other kinds of blockades make the mountain bike as popular as it is.

Running has been an endurance sport since humankind sprouted legs. How fast and how far you can run have been measured for centuries. The modern marathon covers 26.2 miles. Thousands of people participate in marathons yearly. Fewer try the triathlon, but that is an endurance sport that has also been expanding in recent years. Swimming, biking and running over prescribed distances present a challenge that few can accomplish.

If you have no idea about triathlons, you might have heard about the Ironman Triathlon. If that is your only exposure to the triathlon, it might have scared you away from learning more. Maybe you think the triathlon is beyond your reach. That’s because the Ironman is the longest distance for a triathlon. You can find a shorter distance to fit your fitness and experience. Of those amateur triathlon athletes surveyed, 41% of them said they decided to participate because it seemed fun.

No matter what you have a desire to do, when it comes to endurance sports, there’s surely something out there that will fit your desire for a challenge.

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