What You Can Get At a Bike Shop

Used hybrid bike

Biking is one of Americas favorite pastimes. In the spring of 2014, the amount of people who had been cycling in the preceding 12 months amounted to 67.3 million. People bike for many different reasons — in a national survey, 33% said that they cycled for recreation, while 28% said that they cycled for health or exercise. From long term adventure bike trips, to a way to commute to school or the office, biking is certainly a very healthy obsession.

But unless you’re in the market for a new bike, chances are that you haven’t been in a bike shop recently. That is something you might want to change when you take a look at this list of amazing things a bike shop has to offer:

Free Air
It is very important to keep those tires pumped up! Pop into your local bike store to fill those tires up and maybe get a lesson from the person on staff as to how to fill them up correctly. It’s never a bad idea to top them off, but be extra careful not to overfill — otherwise they might explode!

Used Bikes
Just because it’s second hand doesn’t mean its second best. Remember that many used bikes were very well cared for, and deserve a loving home. That home might be with you — if you’ve been looking for a bike but are tight on funds (new bikes can cost a hefty price), then take a look at your local bike store and its used bikes for sale.
A Tune Up
While bikes are definitively less high maintenance than cars, they also need regular tune ups and maintenance. At a bike store, they will oil your wires, tighten up any loose screws, pump up the tires and clean your bike off. These types of check ins for your bike will seriously prolong its life!

And of course, a bike store will have plentiful bike accessories. A helmet is the first thing you should buy, but there are many other options to consider, like headlamps and other bike lights for night biking.

Whether you rent a bike or buy one, there is no reason not to check out the local bike shop!

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