Change the Way You Look at the Outdoors Forever With a Trip to the Grand Canyon

Colorado river rafting trip

It’s easy to get shut in and focused on our homes or work, staring day in and day out at your computer screen, but every now and then, it’s good to get outside and take an adventure. Spending time outdoors and engaging in outdoor activities that you might not ordinarily try, like white water rafting, hiking, or camping can make for great stories and memories as well as a healthy dose of cardio activity. Almost 80% of Americans say that they feel that outdoor recreation is a key aspect of their lives. It’s also an opportunity for you to appreciate the natural beauty that’s still around. Rivers and mountains can be an enchanting and humbling piece of nature to behold and provide us with so much entertainment and beauty.
What Are Particularly Popular Outdoor Activities?
Hiking is certainly a favored recreational activity outdoors, especially with so many beautiful national trails available for use. Almost every region has a mountain range or set of smaller trails that people can take to — from the Adirondack Trail to the Pacific Crest Trail, Americans have the opportunity to partake in an enjoyable hike. Hikes can also be tailored to different levels — if you simply want to go for an afternoon hike that’s not particularly vigorous, there are certainly trails that are made for that. A longer range hiker might try and hike part or all of the trail over the course of several weeks or months. It can range depending on what you’re looking to do and how experienced you are. It can also be done with children of all ages.
White Water Rafting
White water rafting trips through scenic rivers are a great mix of adrenaline, exercise, and sightseeing. Almost 30% of Americans either participate in white water rafting or want to at some point. An individual who weighs around 155 pounds can burn over 350 calories and someone who weighs 180 pounds can burn as much as 400 calories. Despite the adrenaline rush, it’s usually a pretty safe activity. However, it’s definitely an activity for families with older children or without children, since it could be very dangerous for a small child or infant to partake in, especially with turbulent rivers.
Where Can I Go For the Best Hiking or Rafting Experiences?
The Grand Canyon is a favored spot for both hiking and rafting. It’s considered one of the most magnificent canyons and is only 10 miles wide. However, hiking across the Grand Canyon requires a 21 one mile trek, and driving across is even more circuitous — an over 250 mile experience! There are explosive vistas and stunning scenery to be had whether you hike or drive along the Grand Canyon.
For white water rafting enthusiasts, the Colorado River, which wends through the Grand Canyon, is an especially popular spot. Not only do you get to take a great rafting trip, you also get to experience the canyon from a unique perspective — being dwarfed by it, below.
Take to the outdoors the next time you feel like you want an adventure — it could be a life-changing experience!

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