Rivers Providing Action and Relaxation in Equal Measure


With the influx of technology entering our lives in more pervasive ways every year, three out of four Americans continue to view outdoor recreation as a significant part of their lives; this may provide relief to those who think technology is directing us to a point of no return. While the future of technology is uncertain, the consistent beauty of nature is something that will remain thanks to conservation efforts. Rivers provide some of the most spectacular views that can only be seen by taking an adventure and letting the river guide you.


There is nothing quite as peaceful and unique as a canoeing or kayaking trip. Statistics from 2012 show that there were around 12.47 million people across the country that participated in kayaking; this is up from the 11.8 million who did so in the previous year. The only thing more relaxing than canoeing or kayaking is to completely give in to the river by floating along on an inner tube. Many Americans tie multiple inner tubes together to create floating colonies that drift around as beers are drunk and tanning commences.

Extreme Outings

In stark contrast to docile rivers, white water rafting trips are meant to get the heart pounding and the adrenaline flowing. Estimates suggest that 28% of Americans either have or intend to go on a white water river raft trip with friends or family. Not only is a river raft trip one of the most exciting adventures you could embark on, it is also a great way to stay in shape: an 155 pound person burns an average of 352 calories during white water river raft trips. Like any outdoor activity, there are natural dangers associated with white water rafting, which is why eager enthusiasts should find a river appropriate to their experience. To aid in this, rapids are categorized according to an international scale between 1-6 with 6 being the most extreme and dangerous rapids. The Grand Canyon for instance has rapids that range from 1 to 10 on the unique Colorado River rapid scale, providing challenges and opportunities for people of all skill-levels. With the proper training, equipment, and guide, anyone can master the river with pulse-pounding white water river raft trips available across the country!

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