Fundamentals to Hitting Jumps and Jiibs With Your Snowboard

High rollin

In just the spring of 2014, 11 million people had gone skiing or snowboarding during the last 12 months in the United States. Both skiing and snowboarding are great sports to enjoy and can even get competitive. Learning to jump a feature can add to the enjoyment of the sport.
Have the correct board
The range of snowboards is about 39 to 70 inches long. An averagely built person who is about 135 to 150 pounds, should have a medium-flex board. If you are unsure which board is best for you, a professional board shop will help you find what you need.
Be in control.
Before you head towards a feature, make sure you feel in control and that boarding on and off your edges if comfortable. If you are not in control when you leave the ground on a jump, it will be very hard to get your balance back.
Perfect your stance
Slighty bend your knees and keep your back straight while staying relaxed. While riding, keep your head up, align your shoulders, knees, and hip with your board, and equally balance your weight on both feet. To help maintain upper and lower alignment of you body, slightly point your front hand in the general direction you are heading.
Attain speed
Before hitting a feature, check out the other riders to see what speed they are using. Scope out a place where you can drop straight in from that will keep correct speed and not require any unnecessary body movements as you approach the feature. Be sure to carry a speed that is enough to make it over any flat sections before jump landing, this will allow you to land on a transition and minimize the impact of your landing.
Pop the jump
Slightly bend your knees further than your normal position. When you have reached the lip, evenly push with both legs and you will pop off the jump while keeping your balance. As you are in the air catching some gravity, bring your knees up to remain controlled and compact.
Finish the landing
Keep both feet even and maintain a flat base while turning somewhat onto you edge to help you keep control. As you hit the ground, slightly bend and flex your ankles and knees to help lessen the impact. Make sure you have fully regained control before riding away.

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