From Camping Supplies to Scuba Gear, Don’t Forget These Summer Fun Items

Camping checklist

Each year, 43 million Americans go camping in the great outdoors, and millions more join in activities such as mountain climbing, hiking, scuba diving, and other hobbies. The majority of campers — about 84% — will participate in these and other outdoor activities, but in order to do so, they have to have the right equipment. Three of the most popular activities that help campers and others explore nature including climbing, hiking, and scuba diving.

Are you planning a trip into nature this summer? From finalizing your camping checklist to stocking up on scuba gear, here’s everything you need for a great summer outdoors.

Camping Supplies

Before you head out to your favorite campgrounds or another destination, make sure that you have everything you need for a safe and fun trip. Most people consider a tent essential if they need one; sleeping bags are usually the number one choice for nighttime, unless campers are “glamping” in an RV or cabin. Other camping gear might include first aid materials, backpacks, and clothing designed for the outdoors in all seasons.

Hiking and Climbing Gear

For many people, hiking and climbing may be synonymous with one another, and although they can overlap, they often have very different requirements for supplies. Hiking gear usually includes a good pair of boots and a backpack with any necessary items for safety. Climbing gear can include rope, helmets, caribeeners, and more.

Scuba Diving Equipment

Typically, scuba gear can be rented in some locations if divers will be in a public area. However, many people prefer to buy their own scuba gear, so they can dive wherever, whenever. In addition to wetsuits, flippers, and goggles, divers also need to make sure that they have necessary tanks, snorkels, and other breathing equipment.

Need to stock up on supplies before your outdoor trip? Make sure to head to the nearest sporting goods or outdoor store. You can leave a comment if you want more tips on what you need to bring.

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