Around The Country, Pool Inspectors Find Dangerous Swimming Water

Having a swimming pool is a wonderful addition to any home and can not only improve overall property values but give the family a way to relax and enjoy time with friends and family. However. Maintaining a swimming pool is a big responsibility. Things like swimming pool resurfacing and routine Continue Reading

Tumbling to the Top of Health and Fitness

If you value sportsmanship and want your children to do the same, cheerleading and tumbling classes might be the activity for your family. In addition to sportsmanship, cheerleading will increase your child’s strength, flexibility and balance. In fact, cheerleading is often so intense that it will teach your young athletes Continue Reading

Are Parasites Plaguing America’s Swimming Pools?

Swimming is a low-impact, healthy activity with mental and physical health benefits. These health benefits include cardiovascular fitness, muscle strengthening, weight maintenance, stress reduction, improved body posture, balance coordination, and endurance building. Most swimming in the United States takes place in residential and public pools. According to the Association of Continue Reading

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