Why Gymnastics Takes The Nurture Cake

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How many activities offer physical, mental, and emotional nurture? Why settle for one that doesn’t offer all three? If you’re looking for the full scope, it’s a no brainer. Gymnastics takes the cake and turns out it’s been taking the cake for 2,000 years.

Why you need to take local gymnastics classes already:

It’s popular. In 2013, there were approximately 4.97 million people (age six and up) that participated in gymnastics. There is gymnastic class for kids and gymnastic classes for adults. Gymnastics for boys and gymnastics for girls. Gymnastics is well accepted by all, emotional nurture, check.

It’s doctor recommended. The American Academy of Pediatrics suggests that kids practice a wide range of motor skills, all offered by gymnastics. Kids as young as two years old can start gymnastics as long as classes are maturity conscious. Physical and mental nurture, check, check.

It informs other activities. Approximately 98% of all female cheerleaders used to be or still practice gymnastics. Of kids ages five to thirteen, 12% are cheerleaders and 12% are dancers and we’re willing to bet a hefty percentage of those dancers were also gymnasts. Especially since the two activities are taught in unison at gymnastics and dance academy. Emotional, mental and physical nurture, check, check and check again.

The benefits of gymnastic classes are broad and remarkably positive. It’s goal oriented, structured, developmentally enriching and engaging on multiple levels. There’s a reason people have been doing a form of gymnastics for thousands of years, so it’s probably time to find local gymnastics classes and sign everyone in the family up.

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