His and Hers Holiday Gifts How to Find the Perfect Present

Tactical pocket knives

The holiday shopping season is in full swing, meaning it’s crunch time. Finding the right gift for some recipients — who have nice, not naughty — can be difficult. However, for those who enjoy outdoor activities or live active lifestyles, tactical pocket knives make the perfect gift.

Tactical seems to be a buzz word of sorts. However, what makes the best tactical knives, well…tactical? Many mean, aggressive, if not just plan cool-looking knives may appear to be tactical folding knives, but are no less practical than using a butter knife to cut a t-bone steak. In fact, many of these knives are only suited for role or costume play, and serve little to no practical function at all.

On the other hand, tactical pocket knives are regarded as tactical due to their ability to execute a variety of tasks, including cutting, hacking, breaching, prying and others. While folding tactical knives can be used in combat, they are better known as versatile, multi-purpose tools, not as weapons of self defense. In fact, some of the best tactical folding knives are used by law enforcement officers and military personnel in search and rescue operations.

Tactical pocket knives are essential for any tool kit, especially for those who spend a substantial amount of time outdoors. They can be used to carry out several tasks, making them the perfect gift for both men and women, regardless of skill level.

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