Three Reasons You Need to Run Away and Escape to Alaska

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Every year, families pack up the necessities, and head out to the wilderness to enjoy all the majesty, beauty, and splendor Alaska has to offer. If you’ve been in need of a getaway for awhile, you should consider joining these folks. Here are a few good reasons why.

Camping Is Literally Good For You.

According to a recent study, the increase in conditions like depression, obesity, and attention disorders is partly as a result of people not being exposed to nature as often. Researchers also noted that nature appears to reduce stress, restore mental faculties, and improve mood. This means that renting a vacation lodge and getting away from it all is literally good for you.

You Can Catch Tons of Different Types of Fish in Alaska.

One of the main reason people rent vacation lodges and take Alaskan fishing trips is because the Last Frontier is home to some of the best types of fish. There are tons of different types of trout, graylings, northern pike, and different types of salmon — including the King Salmon, which can grow to staggering sizes.

It Brings the Family Closer Together.

Camping can bring your family together. No, not because you’re all cooped up inside a vacation lodge together, but because it’s a time when you can reconnect, work together, and communicate face-to-face instead of over the Internet. There have been tons of different studies proving that camping brings families closer together, including one 2013 study from the University of Missouri that even found happily married couples were able to improve their physical and mental health.

Renting a vacation lodge is one of the best things you can do for yourself, for your family, and for your life. Getting away from it all will literally make you feel better, bring you closer together with your family, and give you a chance to catch some great fish.

If you have any questions about vacation lodges, feel free to share in the comments.

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