Top 10 Secrets of Shooting Better in Archery by Colin Wee

ArcheryTop 10 Secrets of Shooting Better in Archery by Colin Wee

  1. Good archers know when to coach, know when to train, and know when to shoot:

Once we were playing our game, an Archery Olympic couch came to us for coaching.  A senior archer once said that “when you are shooting, you should not be coached”.  Actually, during the course of shooting, one has to focus on his target.  People would come to you and tease you in different ways but you need to turn deaf ear to them.  Your prime motive should be your form and archery. Have you noticed that when Koreans practice archery, they do not even talk with others? Have you seen them while marching in the grounds? They know that when you are experienced, you just need to be target oriented.

  1. Archery can be fun:

Archery is a kind of fun. If you do not make mistakes, how would you be able to learn?  Positivism coupled with precision is the most important part of archery. If you do not enjoy while shooting, you can never emerge as a top form player. If your shots are missing, do not take them to your mind. Forget them and begin with new shots.

  1.  Achieve balance for proper follow through:

My Dad had always told me that push your arm directly towards your target.  He was perhaps meant to say that bow arm should counter the pulling arm. He was right. Unless you do not maintain good balance of your both arms, you cannot hit your target perfectly. Remember, this technique is achieved through constant practice. Hence, never try to adopt it very fast.

  1. Work on strong mental visualization:

Bill Wee is famous for mental visualization. Experts hold the opinion that if an athlete does not improve his mental visualization, he would never be able to achieve world class archery standards. Hence, it is necessary to improve yourmental visualization.

  1. Know when to call it a day:

If you have muscles problems or you are hungry, you should stop shooting right away. Your bow is the performance machine.  However, you should practice when you are in good form. Take an example of Japanese Kyuodo practitioner. He happened to shoot 2 arms in the whole day. Why? Just because of muscles stretching.

  1. Shoot and die. Don’t shoot … also die. 🙂

This is a famous slogan of martial arts. When you are shooting, it must be in your mind that archery is a matter of death or life. You have to display your composed gait while releasing the bowstring. Yes, there would be some ambiguous feelings but you have to focus on your targets.

  1. Number Four: Focus on your own archery:

Archery is all about preparation. You have to prepare yourself rather than wasting your time in assessing others.  Irresponsibility will lead you to nowhere. Archery demands you commitment and practice. Hence, you should always focus on your own archery.

  1. Bring your archery training to your competition and your competition into your training:

Your practice should be composed for battling against other players in the competitions.  However, you should prepare yourself for all kinds of environments. You take training not for competing against other players rather competing against certain mindsets. This behavior should be adopted during the course of training. If you take a competitor in your mind, you would never be able to compete with other shooters. Hence, always compete for certain mindsets.

  1. Decide to win:

When you release the bowstring, it must be in your chain of thoughts that you are shooting for winning. Try to make your mind always for number 1 position. Never think that you are going to take second or third position. This perception would grossly affect your performance. Someone has rightly said that “winners never quite and quitters never win”.

  1. There is no big secret to archery. There is no killer app:

Archery is an amalgamation of good coaching, good training, good mindset, good conditions and good equipments.  Try to make relations with other archers and ask them questions pertaining to this game. They will give you different answers.  Why? Because the technique worked for someone, is not necessarily meant to work for you. Hence, take suggestions from Bill Wee in this regard.

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