Shooting a Bow: 7 Tips for Better Long-Range Accuracy

Updated 12/15/20

Conquer Long-Range Archery in 5 Steps

1. Build a Steady Base: Master your stance and grip for optimal bow control.

2. Find Your Anchor: Develop a consistent anchor point for repeatable shot placement.

3. Breathe Easy: Maintain controlled breathing to avoid shaky aim.

4. Aim with Confidence: Focus on your technique and trust your practice.

5. Release Smoothly: Prioritize a clean release for pinpoint accuracy. (Bonus: Practice follow-through!)

Ready to unleash your inner sharpshooter? Dive into the full article for detailed explanations and expert tips to elevate your long-range archery game!

Archery is a popular sport among adults and youth. However, it takes skill to master this sport. Some things to pay attention to when shooting a bow include your stance, grip, anchor, breath, confidence, release, and follow-through. A good instructor will teach you these seven tips. Shooting a bow is not like shooting a gun. These are two completely different weapons. Gun ownership far outweighs that of bow and arrow ownership.

If you are interested in opening a gun shop and range, consider adding the sport of archery. Firearm sales are particularly high right now so it would be a good investment to go into this kind of business. If you’re wondering how to open a gun range in Florida, the first thing you need is to apply for a business license. If you’re wondering how to open an outdoor gun range, this can get a bit more complicated. You’ll also need to consider what you plan to sell, like 10-meter air pistol target dimensions 2020, and if you will offer 2020 Olympics shooting qualification and/or air pistol competition shooting. Owning a gun shop and shooting range is a lucrative and rewarding business.

To hit the mark on precision, there are a number of areas to aim for when delving into the sport of adult archery. While practicing the art of archery and bow hunting, there are certain factors that you need to observe in order to perfect your form.

Certain techniques need to be considered to fully utilize your bow. All archery requires precision, but long-range accuracy is a skill that takes a dedicated archer to master.

When it comes to picking an adult archery bow, one of the highest-rated brands designed for long-range shooting that is available for sale is the Bear Cruzer G2. It can be daunting when looking for your first archery bow and arrow for sale, but you have many in-person and online options. This compound bow can be purchased at local sporting good stoors, such as Dick’s or Outdoor World; it can also be bought through Amazon. The recommended arrows for a compound bow are the Tiger Archery 30-inch Carbon Arrows, which are also available for sale on Amazon.

While many compound bows for adults can cost up to $1000, there are options for beginners who are just starting or are looking at branching out into a new hobby that is significantly less expensive at around $500.

Below, we have included some of the most important factors to consider when utilizing your new bow.

adult archery bow

Shooting a Bow: 7 Tips for Better Long-Range Accuracy

Long-range archery is a demanding yet rewarding discipline that tests an archer’s skill and focus. It requires a combination of precise technique, mental fortitude, and specialized equipment to consistently hit targets at extended distances. Choosing the right bow is crucial for long-range archery. Dive deeper into Exploring the Different Types of Archery Bows: A Comprehensive Guide to Find Your Perfect Match! This guide delves into 7 essential techniques to elevate your long-range archery game and achieve pinpoint accuracy.

  1. Stance :

    The foundation of any successful archery shot starts with a stable and balanced stance. While personal preference plays a role, a common starting point involves placing your feet shoulder-width apart with evenly distributed weight. Imagine aligning your arrow shaft directly over your heels for proper posture. This stance provides a solid base for proper form and consistent shot execution.

    1. Grip

    Grip selection is crucial for long-range accuracy, as it directly affects bow control and shot consistency. A thin grip, often favored by target archers, allows for a more precise and repeatable hand position. Experiment with different grip sizes to find a comfortable and secure hold without compromising control.

    3. Anchor Point: The Key to Consistency

    An anchor point is the consistent reference point on your face where your drawing hand contacts it during each shot. This consistent contact point ensures repeatable bow alignment and shot placement. Developing a solid anchor point takes dedicated practice. Experiment with different anchor points (like the corner of your mouth or jawbone) and identify the one that feels most natural and repeatable.

    4. Breath Control: Mastering the Rhythm

    As tempting as it might be to hold your breath during a long-range shot, resist the urge! Holding your breath disrupts your balance and introduces unnecessary wobble into your aim. Instead, focus on controlled breathing. Establish a consistent breathing rhythm and release the arrow during the natural pause between inhales and exhales. This promotes steadier aim and improved shot execution.

    5. Confidence in Aiming: Trust Your Technique

    Professional archer Eric Griggs emphasizes the importance of unwavering confidence while aiming. External factors like wind or slight movements are often outside your control. Focus on maintaining a composed and focused sight picture, trusting your practiced technique. Don’t get bogged down by doubts or worries about external conditions. Instead, channel your energy into executing a clean and deliberate shot.

    6. Release: The Moment of Truth

    Releasing the arrow smoothly and consistently is arguably the most critical aspect of long-range archery. As Griggs suggests, prioritize a clean release regardless of the target distance. A common technique for achieving this is the “push-pull” method, where you simultaneously push the bow grip forward and pull the release trigger with your back muscles. This coordinated motion promotes a smooth release and minimizes unwanted bow movement. For beginners, a back-tension release aid can be a helpful tool for achieving a smooth and consistent release.

    7. Follow-Through: Maintaining Focus Until Impact

    The follow-through in archery refers to maintaining proper form even after releasing the arrow. As Griggs advises, avoid jerking your head or breaking your form after the shot. Instead, maintain focus on the target until the arrow hits. This reinforces proper muscle memory and allows you to observe the arrow’s flight path for any adjustments needed in subsequent shots. Developing a consistent follow-through takes dedicated practice but strengthens overall shooting form and accuracy.


    Mastering long-range archery is a continuous journey that demands dedication, practice, and attention to detail. By incorporating these 7 key tips into your training regimen, you’ll be well on your way to achieving impressive long-range accuracy and elevating your archery skills to the next level. Remember, consistency is key! Focus on refining your technique, building muscle memory, and maintaining a positive and confident approach. With dedication and practice, you’ll be hitting distant targets with remarkable precision in no time.


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