Custom Fly Reels Considerations

When you are ready to take your gear to the next level custom fly reels is the way to go. It is easier to choose custom fly reels than you think. Doing a little research can really pay off when you are trying to decide what custom fly reels are right for you.

You have everything you need you have your rod reel and fly fishing outfit, now all you need is the custom fly reels to complete your gear. Custom fly reels can really help you improve your results and complete your gear.

Your First Decision

The first thing you will need to decide when it comes to custom fly reels is where you will be using it. Are you a freshwater fly fisherperson, or a saltwater fly fisherperson? There is a difference between the two reels.

Deciding where you will be using the reel is your first step in creating the custom reel that will serve you best. Fly fishing reels made for saltwater are constructed to be more durable than freshwater reels are.

Next Up Is Line Weight

Your next decision will be line weight. A good choice is the chose the line weight that will hold the heaviest game you plan on fly fishing for. A custom reel will give you the option to choose your line weight.

Fly Reel Drag Systems

You will also need to consider fly reel drag systems. Gathering as much information as you can about your options will help you to make informed decisions about your reel options.

The Balance

Once you have made the basic decisions about which custom fly reels are right for you have one more thing to keep in mind. There must be a balance between the reel and the rod. The right setup will be perfectly balanced.

Too heavy if the custom reel is too heavy for your rod it will feel awkward and be difficult to cast. A setup that is too heavy on the tip will tire you out and affect your casting. Consider the balance of your reel and how it will work with your rod.

One of the best ways to find the perfect custom fly reel is to connect with an experienced shop that can help you make the right decisions.

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