Why Are ATVs So Popular?

The U.S. off-road vehicle market is thriving, and more people are taking up recreational ATV riding than ever before. With the industry expected to grow from 9 billion to 13.5 billion by 2024, what explains this sudden increase? Why are ATV dealers seeing more foot traffic in recent months?

Learn more about all-terrain vehicles (ATVs) and what makes them so popular below.

What Is An ATV?

An all-terrain vehicle is a recreational vehicle perfect for off-road riding, single roads, and sharp turns. “ATVs are typically equipped with a straddle seating position (think riding a bicycle with one leg on either side of the seat), handlebar steering (like a bicycle or motorcycle, not a wheel like a car or truck), and the ability to maneuver through a variety of terrain and conditions,” according to Life Lanes.

While ATV dealers will confirm that these are the standard parts that make up a recreational off-road vehicle, there are options to customize ATVs as well. Depending on what you would like to accomplish, customizable wheels and bumpers are available to change up the look of your vehicle — or to increase its off-road and rough terrain capabilities.

Ask ATV dealers about their full line of products. Many ATV dealers also sell dirt bikes and dirt bike equipment if racing or reaching top speeds is your thing.

Let’s Start With The Obvious: The Thrill Of The Ride

U.S. News and Temple University (TU) in Philadelphia report that some people are born thrill-seekers. For these people, a life well-spent is a life chasing excitement or it is not much of a life at all. Riding ATVs provides that thrill, and it makes that thrill achievable and accessible in day-to-day life.

The adventure does not lose its appeal with age. According to Popular Mechanics, “The brand of visceral excitement that you get from riding an ATV doesn’t change, whether you’re ten years old or, ugh, a grown-up.”

Relatively Easy Maintenance

When it comes to purchasing any vehicle, whether it is for off-roading, dirt biking, or snowmobiling, one of the most important considerations about that vehicle is how easy or difficult it is to maintain. The good news is that ATVs are notoriously easy to maintain. In many cases, you can take care of upkeep and any necessary repairs in your garage and with relatively little knowledge. A simple YouTube video or video series can show you what it takes to repair your ATV — or even to upgrade or customize an ATV to your liking.

Physical and Mental Health Benefits

There are some who may tell you that chasing the next thrill isn’t healthy. When it comes to riding ATVs, that is not necessarily true. According to Tips Crew, riding ATVs increases your heart rate the same way that jogging around the block does. You build strength while lifting, turning, and maneuvering the vehicle, and you use your leg muscles and balance to stay upright while navigating rough hilly terrain.

The mental health benefits are tangible as well. “Whenever I’m under a tremendous amount of stress, whether it be personal or professional, a couple of hours at the local track to get in a few motos can be a great help,” ATV Rider writes. That isn’t just hearsay. There is science to back it up. The physical side of ATV riding releases endorphins, hormones that trigger positive feelings, and riding takes place outside. Spending time outdoors increases exposure to vitamin D and promotes improved mental well-being.

Talk to ATV dealers about the models best suited for your needs.

For a vehicle that is fun and functional, choose an ATV. Buy a youth ATV to make off-roading a family affair, or consider purchasing a utility terrain vehicle (UTV) for agricultural, hunting, or emergency services.

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