5 Tips to Get the Best Motorcycle Deal

Motorcycling is a popular recreational activity. Around 472,000 motorcycles were bought in 2017 and the number rises every year. When buying a new bike from motorcycle dealers in Michigan, negotiation is critical for getting the best deal. Here are five tips for negotiating the price of a motorcycle.

Compare Offers with Multiple Motorcycle Dealers

When looking for a motorcycle, you should first do some research and decide what make and model you are most interested in. Then look for at least three motorcyc;e dealers in your area that are selling this type of bike. This can help give you leverage in getting the best deal. If a seller is made aware that you have other buying options, they may be willing to lower the price in order to make the sale.

Know the Market Value

It’s helpful to know the market value of a bike when negotiating with a motorcycle dealer in Michigan. You can find out the market value for free through Kelley Blue Book and other similar resources. The Kelley Blue Book listing will tell you how much the bike is worth purchased brand new from a motorcycle dealer or used through a private seller. If the seller wants more than the price in the Kelley Blue Book listing, you’ll want to negotiate the price down or walk away from the deal.

Check for Mechanical Issues

When negotiating, you’ll want to know if the bike has previously suffered any damage in a motorcycling accident or has any other mechanical issues. The seller may not have included this information in their listing. Ask to see the bike after it’s been sitting unused for awhile and ask the seller to start it up to see how it starts. You may also want to have it inspected by a mechanic if you don’t know what to look for.

Make a Cash Offer

One of the best ways to negotiate a good deal on a motorcycle is to make a cash offer. Sellers are typically more flexible with the purchase price when you pay entirely in cash. This is because it saves them time and hassle from waiting for a bank to clear a financial transaction.

Adjust Your Offer Appropriately

When negotiating a price, you want to give yourself as much wiggle room as possible in case the seller counters. Before you make an offer, you should know what the maximum amount is you can spend on the purchase. You may need to increase your offer if the motorcycle is in high demand. Make an offer that is a few thousand dollars less than your maximum amount and gradually increase as the seller counters.

Motorcycling in Michigan can be an incredible experience, especially this fall with all the changing colors of the trees and leaves to enjoy. If you are looking to purchase a new bik, make sure you are prepared in advance with all the information you need before you buy. This can help you get the best deal so you can enjoy your bike for years to come.

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