Motorcycles One of the Most Popular Autos in the US

Motorcycle dealers are available for the sale of many more recreational transportation and parts than just bikes. Also, with the large crowd brought in motorcycle sales, the market for boats, dirt bikes, sea doos, snowmobiles, and ATVs.

The Motorcycle Dealer: Offering an Incredible Selection

While there were over 470,000 motorcycles sold last year, there are also many other entertainment vehicles that help expand the market to which they can sell. If you can trade in boats, sea doos, ATVs and other recreational autos when purchasing a motorcycle, then there is no need for the motorcycle dealer to stock up on used boats for sale, snowmobiles for sale and more. The stock they carry will be expanded merely by the customers who come in for the purchase of motorcycles.

Equipment and Parts also Sold by Motorcycle Dealers

Considering the ability to take in sea doos, Polaris ATVs, boats and more, for resale, then the motorcycle dealers also can make the parts from some of those recreational automobiles available to customers.

Considering the additional recreational vehicles made available by motorcycle dealers, there is an incredible market to be had:

  • Over 87 million Americans currently practice recreational boating, with well over $2 billion in sales annually.
  • Polaris, one of the most popular ATVs alone, generates about $5.5 billion in sales.
  • With well over 100,000 snowmobiles sold annually, the market is about $26 billion annually.

The Motorcycle and Its Economic Value

Even though some additional autos can be sold or traded by motorcycle dealers, there is also the primary piece of their stock. With almost 500,000 motorcycles sold annually, there is always the potential for billions in product sales every year. There is much to think about the maintenance and service of these bikes as well. With the products sold at the motorcycle dealers, and many of them able to complete the service, the industry continues to boom.

Although there are some key states and cities with the motorcycle market is focused, there is always the potential for the addition of this form of transportation, both recreational and efficient. California, Florida, Pennsylvania, and Ohio are among the leading locations for motorcycle ownership. Californians are at the top of the list with almost a million bikes registered throughout the state.

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