Looking for a Healthy Way to Reduce Stress? Take Up Boating and Fishing

Boat carpet kits

There are navigable bodies of water along the United States coastlines as well as throughout the country’s interior. About 95% of the American population lives close enough to these bodies of water that they can drive to them in just an hour. Given this, it’s not surprising so many people participate in recreational boating. Recent figures indicate that more than 87 million adults currently enjoy this popular outdoor activity.

While many boat enthusiasts just enjoy being out on the water, others are fishermen and anglers. Currently, there are an estimated 49.81 million people in the United States that enjoy this activity. Since more and more people are taking up fishing, this number is on the rise.

Other Americans, or about nine percent, are thinking about taking up fishing, according to both the Recreational Boating and Fishing Foundation and the Outdoor Foundation reports. It’s interesting to note that 38% of these individuals are interested in this activity in order to reduce stress. Boating and fishing are both considered to be stress-reducing activities for many adults.

If you’re interested in taking up boating and/or fishing, have you already purchased a boat? The National Marine Manufacturers Association reported that 95% of the boats on United States’ waters are 26 feet long or shorter. Bass boats, for example, are usually 14 to 23 feet long. These boats, which are often used for freshwater fishing, have low freeboard fenders and a V hull. When you live close to a navigable body of freshwater, for instance, you may want to consider a bass boat.

While there are some expenses associated with boat ownership and maintenance, these tend to be minimal. On average, your annual maintenance costs will be approximately ten percent of your boat’s original purchase price. If you’ve purchased a pre-owned boat, for example, you may be searching for new boat carpet or other boat flooring options.

If you’ve owned your boat for a while, it’s possible your current flooring has received some normal wear-and-tear. This is particularly the case if you take it out with family and friends on a regular basis. In case you’re looking for new boat carpet, were you aware that you can purchase boat carpet kits? Another type of new boat carpet that may appeal to you is snap-in boat carpet, which is an easy way to replace your marine carpet.


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