How Marine Dock Lights Can Touch Up Any Waterfront Restaurant Or Vacation Home

Lights for docks

When you think about it…most of the world’s cultures have some connection to the water. After all, it’s estimated as much as 90% of the Earth’s surface is covered in oceans. Why wouldn’t boating, fishing, swimming, surfing and diving be some of the most ancient and beloved ways of enjoying the great outdoors? When you add modern technology into the mix, you get beautiful and alluring additions like marine dock lights. These are fantastic touch-ups that can add a lot of life (as well as a bit of extra safety) to any fun occasion.

If you’re new to buying LED underwater dock lights or aren’t sure how you can fit them into your pool party or family get-together, just take a glance below.

Boating, Swimming, Diving, Oh My!

Who doesn’t love the water? It’s crisp, it’s cool and it’s full of fun adventures just waiting to happen. The United States sees over 80 million American adults participating in recreational boating on a regular basis. The year 2015 saw over 11 million recreational boating vessels registered, as well, and these numbers have gone a long way in cementing it as the hobby of a lifetime. Yet others just like to visit the beach on their off-time and enjoy splashing around in the brisk waters. There’s something for everybody!

The Psychology Of A Good Swim

Did you know the water has a positive impact on your mental and emotional well-being? Fishing is a common recreational hobby for those that struggle with chronic anxiety disorder, panic disorder or post-traumatic stress disorder. It’s relaxing and simple to get into, yet requires enough concentration to ensure a delicious catch. According to studies conducted by marine biologist Wallace J. Nichols, spending a mere 15 minutes in view of a body of water can lead to a reduction in your stress as well as an increase in your cognitive function.

Basic Safety Tips For All Occasions

How do marine dock lights factor into safety? Let’s count all the ways. Drowning is a very real concern people have every time they step into the water, especially for young children and those with mobility issues. The CDC sees over 800 children drowning every year, with many attempting to go into deeper parts of the water without adult supervision. Marine dock lights provide ample light to help direct people properly throughout the water on top of marking off areas that are off-limits.

Attracting Marine Life For Enthusiasts

For those that want to invite over a few extra friends at a gathering, you can always try underwater marine lights for flavor. Recent studies have shown the three best light colors for attracting marine life are blue, white and green. Green LED lights have much shorter wavelengths (the average green light reaches around 510 nm), making it easier for the light to penetrate through the water before it scatters. Not only that…they look fantastic.

Creating A Beautiful Vista With LED Lights

Adding lights to your boating expedition, pool party or waterfront restaurant does a number of useful things. These lights can attract marine life to create a wonderful show for visitors, with green lights proven to reach out farther and encourage fish to visit. These can encourage safety by showing the depth of the water and discouraging risky behavior. Last, but not least, they’re simply stunning. Whether you want to touch up an ocean dock or add to the river by your restaurant, lights for docks are a detail everyone can appreciate.

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