Tips for Planning a Great Alaskan Fishing Trip

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Fishing is a popular way to spend time with friends and family. In 2013, at least 10 million kids and adolescents between the ages of six and 17 years old went fishing at least once. Nearly 830,000 people are employed by the fishing industry. Almost 30 million anglers spent 467 million angler days in in 2013. This makes freshwater fishing the most popular type of fishing. If you are planning a family trip, you might want to consider a fishing vacation charter.

A fishing vacation charter in Alaska offers a unique experience for you and your family. In addition to the fact that there are many types of fish in Alaska, the scenery is breathtakingly beautiful. You will get quality time with your family in a beautiful setting.

Tips for finding guided fishing trips in Alaska.

What kind of fish do you want to catch? Salmon can be caught in fresh or saltwater. Trout are only found in freshwater. Some of the best salmon fishing in the world is in Alaska. Kenai river fishing trips are very popular and that might be a good thing to consider. Make sure your fishing vacation guide secures all of the necessary permits or lets you know that you need to do this. This is very important.

Find a fishing vacation charter company. You can do this online, through the Alaskan tourism bureau or through a travel agent. If you are already in Alaska, you can ask locals at the area fishing shop who they would recommend. Tourism fishing is big business in the state so you should have no problem finding a company that can meet your needs. Whether you take a day trip, are looking for fishing cabin rentals or want something even more adventurous, there will be a fishing vacation charter company for you. When you book your charter company, ask them what they provide in terms of fishing supplies and what you will have to get yourself.

Decide when you want to go. If your goal is to go in the summer, you really need to book as early as you can because that is the most popular time to take an Alaska fishing vacation. Not only do all of the fishing lodges fill up but the guides and charters get booked up quickly, You also will pay more in your airfare to get to Alaska if you put off booking your travel too long. If you are more flexible in your travel plans, say you would consider the spring or fall, you have a little more leeway in when you should book your trip.

You need a fishing trip checklist. You may be surprised by how much stuff they recommend you bring on a trip like this. Given the state gets about 20 hours a day of sunlight, you are going to want to bring lots of sunscreen and other sun protection, like a hat and sunglasses. You should also bring along melatonin to help you sleep, with all that daylight it can be a challenge. If you are unsure what to bring, ask your charter company for guidance and ask what they provide.

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