3 Reasons to Get Your Kids Active

Kids nutrition

The thing about health and fitness is that once you’re an adult, you learn that it’s really just an equation. You need to burn whatever you put into your body in order to fight obesity. It’s the old saying, “put good in, get good out.” Teaching children about fitness is absolutely essential. It will be the building blocks for a healthy lifetime!

Change the Trend

Did you know that children are now spending over seven and a half hours in front of computer, TV, and video game screens? Not only is that bad enough for things like poor eyesight and trouble concentrating, but it has also led to the trend of only one in three children being active each day. Change this trend by keeping your kids active with fun activities to do as a family.

It Keeps Them Safe

Studies show that children who take formal swimming lessons are at less of a risk of drowning by 88% of other children aged one to four years. This statistic, among many others, proves that teaching children skills in fitness can save them when it comes to dangerous situations throughout their lives. Keep that in mind as you’re enrolling your children in classes and summer camps!

It Helps Them Learn

Pairing kids nutrition and kids fitness can help them learn about their bodies. Not only that, but it will teach them accountability. This will help them as they grow up and move on in life. If they learn to take care of their bodies at a young age, they will be at less of a risk for adult obesity, which can lead to diabetes, heat failure, and numerous other issues.

Are your kids active? Do you have any advice on keeping activities fun for kids fitness? Let us hear your thoughts and comments!

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