How Children’s Toys Impact Their Careers

Magnetic building toys

The mind of a child never ceases to amaze given the sense of wanderlust children are in. The first years of life is filled with constant learning and development to such degrees that us adults ought to be envious. Given the right childrens toys, a child can get an early start on their education though interacting with various stimuli. The global toy market is an 84 billion dollar enterprise as of 2012, meaning that toymakers are constantly struggling to come up with entertaining toys that meat the strict education requirements demanded by concerned parents. Here are several benefits to finding childrens toys that challenge and allow children to be expressive in their own ways.

The Mind of a Child
Children are like plants, given the right environment, each one can flower into a beautiful achievement. Children generally learn categorical concepts like number counting and sorting between the ages of three to five. Near age five a child ought to be able to count up to 10 objects at any given time. Once a child reaches the age of eight, their brains weigh 90% of an adult’s brain; meaning that the time before age eight is one where educational toys like magnetic tiles or building blocks have the greatest influence on a child’s mind.

Challenge Children to Solve Problems
It is shown that children that opt to play with puzzles, magnetic building toys, or other creative toys for children they may have a 25% greater ability to absorb knowledge. Children given free time will repeatedly exercise applied mathematics and spatial principles subconsciously as they play. Young children especially flourish with long, uninterrupted periods of spontaneous play that measures between 45 minutes and one hour.

Future Architects and Engineers
Recent research has actually shown that many adults choose careers that correspond to the types of toys they would favor as children. For example, nearly 60% of adults in design-led jobs like architects and designers reportedly enjoyed playing with building blocks and other construction toys like magnetic construction sets as children. On the other hand, 66% of those who work with numbers preferred challenging puzzles as children, which they believe lead them to their number–crunching careers. Perhaps giving your children the daily Dow will lead them to becoming millionaire investors one day.

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