Athletic Seating 3 Kinds of Indoor/Outdoor Bleachers

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Usually used in high school and college athletics, indoor and outdoor bleachers come in a variety of sizes and specifications. The word “bleacher” has been around since the late 1800’s. Most of the time they are made from aluminum, but steel and even wood is still used to build certain types. They are where fans, parents, friends, players, and coaches alike can sit to watch the beauty of athletic competition play out before their own eyes. Approximately 35 million kids are involved in organized athletics of some kind every year, and 75% of parents actively encourage participation.

    1.) I-Beam: These outdoor bleachers are usually made from a combination of aluminum, steel and plastics. They are supported by steel I-beams underneath. These are the type of bleachers you would see in a stadium setting. They are connected to a public address/press box in most cases. They are immovable, but can provide a lot of seating space as both their length and height can range to whatever the area calls for. Football/track stadiums almost always have these type of bleachers.

    2.) Frame-Type: Classic, traditional bleachers in a sense. These are smaller bleachers with either an aluminum tube, or steel angle under structure. The type of bleachers you would see at a small high school baseball field. Usually only big enough to seat a handful of fans or players.

    3.) Telescoping: Exclusively indoor seating. Your typical gymnasium bleachers. These bleachers are generally made with a combination of wood, steel and plastic. They are built either with wheels, or on a track that allows them to fold in and out. This allows them to be put away if more space is needed for an event.

Depending on whether or not you will be outdoors or indoors will determine in large part what kind of bleachers you have access to. There is really no better/best since each type serves a specific function and purpose. Preference and what you’re using it for are really the only variables.

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