Soccer Travel Tours Bringing the Best of Both Worlds

Ireland soccer tours

Playing sports as a kid is beneficial on so many levels. Sports instill in children several values that will help them as adults: teamwork, honesty, integrity, discipline, hard work, self-control, etc. Values that will help them understand how to get along with their peers and to have fun while doing it! Kids in the United States certainly love their sports (as do their parents). Roughly 22 million kids under the age of 18 play sports both for and outside of their schools. Soccer in particular has a considerable following. There are nearly 8,200 soccer clubs for children in the U.S. From pee-wee soccer clubs to high school soccer teams, soccer is the sport of choice for many a young student. Although soccer may not have as big a following as other sports like football, basketball, and hockey, it still inspires thousands of kids across the country to give it their all on the field.

Soccer in the U.S. is wonderful and vibrant, but how about taking it to the next level? Soccer travel tours for young soccer leagues is a fantastic way of combining the values of soccer with the excitement of travel. Considering soccer (or “football” as it is known in the rest of the world) is even more popular abroad, playing soccer overseas presents an opportunity like no other for up and coming soccer players. Soccer tours to England, France, Sweden, Costa Rica, Panama, Brazil, and Poland among many other places will truly inspire young soccer players into perfecting their athletic skills and at the same time getting to know the world around them. Although all continents (except Antarctica) have millions of die-hard soccer fans, Europe has one of the largest soccer bases around. Nearly all European countries have national professional club leagues that compete for the national title. What better way to learn about soccer than to play it in, for example, Spain? Portugal? Italy? Etc.

The point is soccer travel tours are a novel way of exposing youth soccer teams the glory of both soccer and the world that it’s played in. Find out more about international soccer tour packages today for the opportunity of a lifetime!

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