Worried About Seasonal Weight Gain This Holiday Season? Here’s What You Can Do to Prevent It

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Winter weight: many people gain it around the holiday season when food takes center stage. It’s easy for it to happen when there’s comfort food and maybe even a bit of booze at family get-togethers and office holiday parties. Winter is also a time when many Americans stay indoors, abandoning any outdoor physical activities they participated in during warmer weather. As a result, seasonal weight gain is common, and the average holiday weight gain is between one and five pounds depending upon how heavy a person already is. Come January 1st, many people seek solutions to shed some pounds.

Whether you are worried about the potential for seasonal weight gain this year or you’re looking for ways to lose weight now, there are plenty of great fitness solutions that are fun and healthy. Here are a few ways that you can prevent that winter weight gain and even improve your overall health:

  • Eat Mindfully: While this may sound easier said than done, and it is, it’s a crucial first step in avoiding weight gain during the cold months. You can enjoy holiday foods — just be aware of when you may be overdoing it. Make sure that you’re getting plenty of fruits and vegetables, especially those that are seasonal for the winter. Part of being mindful of your diet is being able to supplement the “bad” with the good. For instance, even if you do have that extra cookie at your friend’s Christmas party, you can make up for it the next day by snacking on some veggies instead. Remember: it’s all about moderation, so don’t beat yourself if you’ve indulged. Just be sure to trade off where you can so it’s not all about excess.
  • Join a Gym: New Year’s Eve is usually when those commercials for health and fitness clubs come out — and with good reason. These clubs may offer special rates or deals for the new year, but it’s never too soon to join. Getting a membership before the holidays begin can help you work off the pounds, so you don’t have to skip out on your favorite holiday foods and drinks. You can also work with a personal trainer to help you develop the right workout routine for your needs.
  • Play a Sport: If you’re not too sure about workout routines and exercising on your own, you could always join a specific type of sport in order to lose weight. One good example of a workout that burns calories and can help you lose up to half a pound of week for every 3-4 hours played is tennis. Joining a racquet and tennis club that has plenty of tennis and squash courts may be a great way for you to exercise, socialize, and have fun. Playing a racquet sport can also increase heart health and lower the risk of heart disease, heart attacks, and strokes, so there are long-term benefits besides the weight loss.
  • How do you avoid seasonal weight gain during the holidays? Let us know in the comments.

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