Seven Outdoor Wedding Rental Suggestions

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Wedding season is upon us and many brides have many the executive decision to have their dream wedding outside. There are an estimated 2.5 million weddings each year in the United States, and many of them are enjoyed from the great outdoors.

Although having an outdoor wedding may be cheaper in some respects, wedding party rentals may still be needed in order to prevent and overwhelming bill. Surveys show that 89% of brides have a budget in mind before they begin planning their wedding. Hopefully you’ve already included wedding party rentals on the list, because here is a list of fabulous outdoor wedding rental ideas.

  • Use pillows if you’re outdoor seating isn’t the most comfortable — the more mismatched, the better!
  • An outdoor heater rental is always a good idea to have around, especially if you’ll be having a late summer/early fall ceremony; it could get chilly at night
  • Have plenty of hydration stations, but an outdoor bar rental would be the life of the party for you and your guests
  • Supply everyone with a pair of flip flops for the wedding dance floor rental. There’s nothing more satisfying than taking those heels off after a long ceremony
  • Table and chair rentals have gotten a bit more unique these days. Some companies may provide benches or even bales of hay for your outdoor dream wedding
  • For the ultimate fairytale wedding, an outdoor lighting rental company could be the best decision you’ve ever made. Twinkle lights, anyone?
  • Rain or shine, don’t forget the outdoor party tent rentals! These provide some good coverage against the elements in case the weather doesn’t cooperate

Wedding party rentals don’t have to be boring and tacky. With new wedding trends such as shabby chic, vintage frills, and elegant 1920’s themed parties, the party rental industry (which generates around $2 billion annually) will accommodate for your big day. Reference links:

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