The Benefits of Rubber Athletic Flooring

Indoor tennis court surfaces

If you’ve ever run on a newly-redone track, and you feel the light bounce with each footfall, you know you are running on synthetic track surface.

If you have ever taken a spill on a hard tile floor at the gym, a nasty fall on concrete, or a hard hit right on asphalt, you know how badly that can hurt. You also know, as soon as you go down, that you wish you had fallen on rubber athletic flooring.

When you were a kid, you were probably not lucky enough to lose your strength on the monkey bars, only to land softly upon rubber playground mats, rubber playground surfaces, or rubber playground flooring. If only it had been so pain-free.

Rubber athletic flooring is perfect for any track, gym, court, or play area for the simple reason that it is safer. With better and more reliable, comfortable support for feet, knees, and back, it is unquestionably the best flooring solution to reduce risk or immediate injury, as well as pain in the long run.

When considering whether or not to replace your standard flooring with synthetic rubber flooring, rubber playground titles, or any other type of rubber athletic flooring, take into account the fact that in the United States, the flooring industry employs nearly 100,000 men and women. In addition, the floor cleaning industry employs another 70,000. Regularly replacing and maintaining your floor or replacing it with rubber athletic flooring, which can last for over 20 years, keeps these folks in business. This industry, which grew 1.1% between 2009 and 2014, and generates nearly $4 billion annually, is a vital part of the renovation and maintenance industry.

Aside from these stats, rubber athletic flooring is as easy to maintain as it is convenient. Cleaning rubber floors is surprisingly simple, even though they are a bit more porous than concrete or another old-fashioned equivalent material, and can be done by professionals if you do not have the time.

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