Tennis Is Rising In Popularity How To Keep Your Tennis Court Sparkling Year-Round

Cleanliness is important just about everywhere you go.

Think about the last time a clean environment left a positive impression on you. A restaurant that has a clean lobby and even cleaner bathroom. A living room that’s recently had a deep cleaning carpet session and cleared up the air. Cleanliness, in a short, just makes us feel better and perform better. This extends to your tennis court and all the regulars and newcomers that stop by for a few games. If you’ve been wondering how you could bolster the appeal of your favorite sport, look no further than the list below.

Tennis nets, trash baskets and hopper carts are just a few of the types of golf equipment you can use to encourage a cleaner environment.

Tennis And Pickeball In The United States

Sports are thriving. Many Americans today, young and old, are embracing sports as a way to get fit and meet people. The USAPA is currently tracking over 200,000 pickeball players across 12,000 pickeball courts in North America. Playing tennis for fun can still burn around 170 calories in 30 minutes for an adult woman and a little over 200 calories in 30 minutes for an adult man. A surefire way to keep visitors coming back for more is taking advantage of tennis equipment like trash baskets and court markers to make the experience as memorable as possible.

Trash Baskets

Nobody wants to play tennis in a court that’s messy or cluttered. Trash baskets strategically placed near the entrance, exit and equipment holds will ensure people are never left wondering where to throw away their empty bottle or sandwich wrapper. Trash baskets should be emptied out at the end of the day, even if they’re only halfway full, and should have their surrounding mesh cleared of any excess debris or stains. If you’re worried about lost equipment, your new trash baskets can also be paired with hopper carts.

Hopper Carts

Tennis courts are a lively location. You have repeat visitors perfecting their swing, newcomers learning the rules and families who just want to wile away the hours on a free weekend. All this activity can cause tennis balls to be lost or misplaced, making hopper carts a perfect addition to your set-up. These provide a useful tool to gather up balls periodically throughout the day, keeping tennis courts clean and players feeling like your business is worth their investments.

Tennis Divider

There are other ways of keeping your court clean. The tennis divider and tennis net is a preventative measure to catch stray balls. It’s also a method of providing security and privacy for your customers. Your tennis net should be placed three feet outside the court, with the net attached to two side posts no taller than three and a half feet. The best tennis court dividers should be free from frayed edges and holes. Any issues you spot throughout the month should be replaced as soon as possible to encourage a clean environment.

Cleaning Debris From A Tennis Court

Even the most well-maintained tennis court still runs the risk of accumulating debris throughout a busy week. Lost balls, discarded trash and an accumulation of dirt can affect public perception of your business and cost you customers, so take time this year to invest in strong netting and trash baskets. According to research provided by the Tennis Industry Association (or TIA), tennis participation rose to nearly 18 million players in the past year. A court cleaning tool can be used to scrub excess dirt, leaves and specks of trash while providing that sparkling exterior people have come to expect.

Cleanliness communicates your business’s intent even better than marketing or reputation. What could trash baskets or tennis ball carts do to keep your court clean?

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