Everything You Need to Know About Ballistic Body Armor

The last few years, people have seen an increase in tension between law enforcement and the public. This has resulted in an increase in fear and violence. According to government statistics, there have been approximately 60,000 assaults a year on police officers over the last decade.

Shootings are the second leading cause of police officer deaths with car accidents being the first leading cause. In response to the dangers posed to officers, over 70% of all police departments require their officers to wear ballistic body armor at all times while on duty.
A great deal of research has been conducted on the effectiveness of body armor for law enforcement to determine how well it works in protecting officers in real situations. Over the past 30 years, statistics have shown that armored vests have saved the lives of over 3,000 officers.

While ballistic body armor cannot protect every part of the officer, it has proven effective in protecting officers shot in the torso. Officers not wearing body armor are nearly four times more likely to die from a gunshot wound to the torso. Law enforcement safety is the highest priority within any department and have the best possible police safety gear offers a clear line of defense.

Officers and agents in all areas of law enforcement put their lives on the line to help ensure the safety of others. They put the safety of the general public above their own personal safety. It is the selfless actions of officers that provide law and order in communities throughout the country.

From patrolling the neighborhoods in a small town to investigating an international drug cartel, law enforcement officers are in all areas of society. Body armor clothing is specially designed to allow officers to move freely and do their job while also offering a higher level of personal protection.

There are different body armor levels that may be needed depending on the type of criminal the officers are expecting to come up against. Research has shown that the majority of officers shot and killed while wearing ballistic body armor were shot with a caliber of ammunition that was strong enough to piece the body armor. While it can be impossible to know for sure what an officer may come up against while on duty, it is important that they are offered the best protection possible.

One of the primary problems police departments often face is a lack of funding or a decrease in their funding. Funding problems may lead to departments cutting corners or reducing expenses by not buying upgraded or new equipment as needed. While these are localized problems, the safety of those working to protect the community should not be compromised for budgetary reasons. It is the obligation of the community and the department to protect each and every one of their officers.

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