Drone Sales Are Taking Off Simple Tips For Avoiding Common Drone Flying Mistakes

Flying a drone can be incredibly rewarding. It can also be incredibly expensive, if you don’t know what you’re doing.

You can accidentally crash it into someone’s car or building, racking up damages and running the risk of never picking up your new hobby again. You can lose it in the forest and waste hundreds of dollars. You can even do nothing when it starts to show signs of wear and tear, leaving it in no position to be easily repaired. The popularity of drones today means there are more than enough resources available for you to keep your drone in working order. Before you buy a drone consider reading the list below and learning about the function of a drone repair service.

How can you enjoy a successful drone flying career?

Drone Sales In America

Drone sales have been taking off without a hitch these past few years. Back in 2015 there were over 400,000 drones purchased as Christmas presents, making them one of the most popular electronics alongside new sound systems and videogame consoles. The drone industry today is worth a little over $3 billion and is only expected to keep growing from here. Now’s a great time to learn how to fly your drone properly and embrace your new hobby.

Future Of Drone Hobbyists

It’s not hard to find a drone repair service nowadays. That’s because more people than ever are buying drones as gifts or a personal investment. Drone sales between 2014 and 2015 increased by over 60%, with the FAA predicting there will be over seven million drones in the United States by the time 2020 arrives. Between 2016 and 2020, in particular, the sales of small hobbyist drones are expected to rise from two million to over four million.

Basic Drone Laws

Just like operating a car or heavy machinery, a drone requires you adhere to local laws or risk a fine. Drone users must contact any airport and control tower before flying within five miles. The remote pilot in command of a small UAS is required to report any and all accidents to the FAA within 10 days if it results in serious injury to any person or causes damage to property. This can cost as much as $500 to either repair or replace the property in question.

Simple Safety Tips

There are ways to fly your drone carefully to mitigate the risk of damages or fines. It’s recommended you fly your drone in a less occupied area, such as a field or generally open space. This is especially prudent for beginning flyers who may not be as familiar with the function of a drone or the environmental causes that can cause one to crash. Try to avoid forests, areas with a lot of wires or other areas occupied by drone flyers when testing your equipment out for the first time.

Visiting A Drone Repair Service

A drone repair service can make sure your equipment is always up and running. Consumer drones make up the vast majority of total unit sales at 95%, with commercial drones representing the last chunk. According to Gartner over 100,000 drones were sold for commercial use back in 2016. This number is expected to rise to 175,000 over the next few years, with the number of consumer drones inching closer to three million. When you get your drone repaired you also glean the benefit of saving yourself further damage than if you attempted a repair yourself. Signs of a drone that needs to visit a drone repair service include strange noises, slow speeds and failing to start.

Ready to get involved in drone flying? Avoid these common drone mistakes and make sure you visit a drone repair service this year .

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