Hunting Can Help Your Family Supplement the Diet That They Follow

Oklahoma hog hunting

Some people spend their whole week working so that they can spend their weekends hunting. From wild boar hog hunting with dogs for seasoned hunters to semi-guided hunting expeditions for novice hunters, weekends in the states of Oklahoma are a time when Oklahoma hunting ranches can be very busy. For hunters who have spent their lives hunting deer, geese, ducks, and pheasants, the transition to hog hunting with dogs can be an adjustment, but if these hunters work with an experienced guide they can have a worthwhile experience.
We are a people with a history of being hunters and gatherers, and while many Americans have moved far away from this type of existence, there are still a number of hunters who spend a good deal of time living of the land. From hunting for food that will supplement their families diet through the long winter to hunting for overpopulated species that have become a problem in some parts of the country, hunters serve a worthwhile purpose. Although many Americans do not grow up with the necessary skills to be a successful hunter, a growing number have found enjoyment in mastering a skill that has long been a part of this nation’s history.
As a species, pigs were first introduced to North America by Spanish explorers nearly 500 years ago. Because hogs reproduce at a rapid rate, as many as 12 to 20 piglets a year, their population has become a nuisance in some parts of the country. As a result, some states like Oklahoma have several hog hunting seasons, including a tie that is dedicated specifically to hog hunting with dogs. For both long time hog hunters and hunters who are looking for a new adventure, these hog hunting expeditions can be both enjoyable and affordable.
The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) estimates that feral hogs cause $1.5 billion in damage across the nation. The damage that they cause is from depleting crops, eroding the land around water sources, and infecting water with diseases. In an effort to limit these damages, many parts of the country have open hunting seasons to help limit the populations of these destructive animals. In the state of Oklahoma, hogs can currently be found throughout the majority of the state. Because feral swine populations have been seen in all 77 counties of Oklahoma at one time or another, many parts of the state have hunting seasons for this species.

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