How Kayaking And Fishing Can Improve Your Mental Health, Reduce Stress And Help You Get Fit

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Are you looking for a new hobby to enhance your life? How about a fun and engaging exercise regimen to get fit for the summer season? When it comes to enjoying the great outdoors in spectacular fashion, kayaking and fly fishing is the way to go. These beautiful and involving American sports have been enjoyed by millions year after year, allowing people to become more physically fit while getting out with friends and family. Buying kayaks SUP models do more than just pad out your closet — it paves the way for new and exciting opportunities when the weather starts looking up.

How Many Fishermen Are There?

Fishing is a great American past-time. What better way to enjoy the bountiful rivers and lakes the United States has to offer than relaxing in the sun, chatting with a good friend and enjoying a tasty catch at the end of the evening? The number of both fishermen and anglers in the country has nearly exceeded 50 million, with the number of youth participants in particular hitting an impressive 10 million. More than 45 million Americans took at least one fishing trip back in 2015 and these figures only continue to impress as time goes on.

How Many People Kayak?

Kayaking has been around for many, many years. Aleut, Inuit and Yup’ik people of the Arctic Circle as well as its fringe were creating kayaks as many as 5,000 years back, with the word ‘kayak’ originating from the Inuit language. Kayaking has proven incredibly popular among multiple demographics and is well-known for building muscle as well as allowing a front-row seat to nature’s brilliant scenery. The year 2015 saw at least 10% of paddle fishermen saying they go kayak fishing two to five days every year and, overall, Americans went on over 38 million kayak fishing outings the previous year.

What Kind Of Kayaks Are There?

When looking at kayaks SUP models, it’s important to keep in mind what you want to get out of your trip. Do you want to fish or do you want to enjoy the scenery? Are you interested in getting fit or do you want multiple functions for your purchase? A recreational sit-in, for example, is around 12 feet long or less — this is comparable in size to the typical sit-on-top model and has an overall broader beam as well as a bigger cockpit.

What Are The Health Benefits Of Kayaking?

Owning kayaks SUP models does wonders for people’s mental and physical health. The constant rowing creates proper upper-body tension, encouraging steady muscle growth in the biceps, chest and even the stomach. It’s not just physical fitness that your kayaks SUP models can offer, however, but mental wellness. A study conducted back in 2009 saw fishing and kayaking noticeably reducing PTSD symptoms as well as increasing the mood of those who struggle with mental illness. A mere three days of fly fishing, for example, saw a 32% reduction in guilt as well as a 43% decrease in anger and frustration.

Is Kayaking And Fly Fishing Right For Me?

From mental wellness to enjoying a new sport, kayak manufacturers have plenty to offer. Of the 9% of Americans currently learning the ins and outs of fishing, nearly 40% of them are interested in it as a way to reduce their daily stress. Over 21 million Americans — that’s almost 8% of the population — enjoy regularly paddling on rivers, lakes and streams. Should you want to get involved in the sport, buying the right equipment is essential. Stand up paddleboards are ideal for some, while others may prefer a sit on top fishing kayak for sale. Whichever you choose, rest easy knowing your life can only go up from here!

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