Beach Homes and Condos Have Lots of Advantages Over Hotels

Beachfront vacation rentals

Only about a quarter of working people say that they use all vacation days available to them, which means that when they do take vacations, they should make them count. One of the best and most relaxing vacations you can take is a beach vacation. One of the ways to make your beach vacation the best it can be is to look at beachfront vacation rentals as a place to stay.

There are many advantages to beachfront vacation rentals over a hotel. For one thing, a beach home rental or a beach condo rental will give you a lot more space for your family. Even if you rent a hotel suite, that usually is only two rooms at most with just one bathroom, which is still a pretty tight squeeze for a family of four. On the other hand, with house and condo rentals, you are likely to get more than one bedroom, more than one bathroom and a full kitchen as well.

Another big advantage to beachfront vacation rentals is the cost. To stay on the beach in a hotel is very expensive, and over the long run, it is cheaper to stay in a house or condo. A house or condo for rent usually rents by a week at a minimum, so it is more suited to a long vacation stay. However, if you are staying that long, then such a rental makes sense. It’s nearly impossible in most places to stay in a good hotel on the beach for less than $200 a night, but you can easily find beach house and condo rentals for less than that. And people seem to be aware of that fact, with 62% saying they would stay in a rented condo or home instead of a hotel because of the cost savings.

One more advantage to staying in a condo or home is the amount of privacy you get. In a hotel, you are right next door to someone else, and you never know what kind of neighbor you are going to get. If you wind up with someone loud and inconsiderate, it is likely to put a big damper on your vacation. That is much less likely to happen when you stay in beachfront vacation rentals.

It is clear that there are many advantages to renting a condo or home instead of staying in a hotel. About a quarter of all travelers do so every year, and they can’t all be wrong. When you are considering your next beach vacation, you definitely should look into doing a vacation rental.

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