Are You Looking for a Group Outdoor Adventure?

River trips grand canyon

Rafting adventures are the ultimate opportunity for athletic workouts, while at the same time providing incredible scenery. While you could select easy and relaxing rafting river trips that are mild enough for the entire family, you can also schedule a white water adventure that will challenge your physical skills as you travel through the four and five star rated rapids of the Grand Canyon and other scenic locations.
Offered as single day or week long outings, many white water adventures include transportation to and from the rafting site, food for meals during the week long excursions, and, obviously, trusted and trained guides who insure that your adventure is as safe as possible.
Many groups who schedule trips with Grand Canyon rafting companies are families who are looking for an opportunity to get away. A family reunion for adult age cousins, for example, is a perfect scenario for a group who would enjoy a rafting adventure. With lots of physical exercise and excitement, a week long adventure would also provide plenty of down time in the evening for conversation and relaxation.
Church and school groups also add rafting adventures to their travel agendas when they visit states like Colorado, Arizona, Wyoming, and New Mexico. Even though a group might be on a service learning schedule most of the week, for example, a rafting trip can provide a great team building activity that is as much fun as educational.
Today three of every four Americans view outdoor activities as an important part of their lifestyle. Not content to sit inside and watch computer or television screens, this 74% of Americans know the value of combining great exercise with the the great outdoors. The average 155 pound person, for example, can burn as many as 352 calories while white water rafting.
In addition to providing a great exercise opportunity, a rafting tour through the Grand Canyon can give the participants an up close and personal view of one of the world’s greatest spectacles. Although the Grand Canyon is neither the world’s longest or deepest gorge, it is still considered one of the world’s most spectacular natural creations. Its depth averages approximately 1 mile, but as it winds its way through the large opening it actually covers a distance of 277 miles.
What us your company’s next sales incentive? Is it a trip to a sandy beach where employees have nothing to do but lounge in the sun and drink fancy concoctions? While this may be a perfect option for some of your employees, perhaps an outdoor physical adventure would be a better incentive for other members of your staff.
Rafting adventures are the perfect combination of physical activity, team building skills, and a chance to enjoy nature.

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