Magnetic Toys Building A Child’s Creativity


Initially, it may seem that kids are the easiest people to shop for. But when you want to go beyond just giving them candy, things get a bit more complicated. More and more, people are steering away from giving children electronic toys like tablets, worried that they?re impeding children?s creative minds. In fact, some parents even instruct others not to give their children web-based toys at all. So what do you give a child for their birthdays or holidays? This can be especially confusing when the child in question likes math, or if you simply want to foster an interest in mathematics. Magnetic building blocks and tiles may be the toy you?re looking for.

Little Architects: How Magnet Tiles And Blocks Inspire Kids

Initially, magnetic construction sets seem so simple that it?s kind of unbelievable. Building blocks? Didn?t we play with those as kids? Yes, but magnetic building blocks and tiles go far beyond the wooden blocks we used back in the day. The magnet feature allows children to really build, without worrying about the creations collapsing if they make a wrong move. This goes a long way towards inspiring children to pursue their interest in building and design. The retail group Argos discovered that 60% of people in design-led jobs ? like architecture ? played with building blocks as children. Additionally, as little of 15 minutes of free play can encourage children to explore mathematical and spatial principles. They?re learning without even knowing that they?re learning!

How Play Can Affect The Brain

Let?s look more into how playing can act as a sort of schooling for children. Many kids don?t benefit from sitting still and learning their lessons, as much as they do through playing and creativity. The great thing about magnetic construction toys is that they tap into the mathematical part of a child?s brain, which many other toys can?t access. Children as young as three to five can learn to count from one to 25, as well as sort objects by color and height. Through toys like these, you can have your child counting well before preschool and kindergarten. The thing about play is that it isn?t just a distraction for your child. It?s a way for them to learn, and you shouldn?t let the hours they spend playing go to waste.

The Convenience Of Magnetic Toys

Of course, it goes without saying that there is a level of convenience for parents in the time that their children spend playing. A playing child is occupied in a good way; and while they?re occupied, their parents can get things like cooking and cleaning done, not to mention some valuable relaxation time. Furthermore, magnetic toys are far easier to keep track of than others. They stick together and are easily cleaned. You certainly don?t have to worry about them getting everything messy, as some toys do.

There are so many pros and virtually no cons to these toys. You know that they?ll be loved by any child ? so when it comes to giving gifts, at least you don?t have to worry about the kids anymore.

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