3 of the Most Fun Fish to Catch in Alaska

Cabins in soldotna alaska

There are far fewer trips more exciting than king salmon fishing trips to Alaska, but that doesn’t mean that they’re the only types of fish in Alaska. The Last Frontier’s rivers, and streams are just chock full of excellent creatures to catch. Here are just a few of the most popular types of fish in Alaska.

The Arctic Grayling. – The Arctic Grayling is one of the most popular catches in sport fishing. Easily identified by its oversized dorsal fin, the Arctic grayling can be found all throughout Alaska’s freshwater bodies. The best time of the year to go catch these fish in Alaska is between June and October. At the same time, you can catch them all year round, so long as you can find pristine, clear water sources.

Rainbow Trout. – Of all the different fish in Alaska’s watershed, rainbow trout are far and away one of the most sought after. In fact, they’re so popular that even though there are natural populations, the Alaska Department of Fish and GAme maintains an extensive stocking program. These fish look a lot like a regular salmon, but they are actually smaller and have a red to pink stripe along their sides, which makes them easily identified. The best time to go catch these suckers is between May and October — just be ready for a challenge. Rainbow trout are said to put up a tough fight once they’ve been hooked.

The Sockeye Salmon. – Similar to the King and the Silver, the Sockeye salmon are generally smaller in weight and length, but that doesn’t make them any less fun to catch. They’re commonly found in the Bristol Bay area, but they have annual runs along several other places as well. Their peak season is between June, and September, but you can get some good Sockeye fishing in if you go to the open ocean.

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